Covid-19 Affecting High School and Club Sports

How sports are affected by COVID-19

Emma Price, Staff Writer

As COVID-19 has gotten exponentially worse since the beginning of March, it has drastically affected extracurricular activities, such as sports, causing mixed opinions from many students.

“I think that the delay was necessary because COVID-19 has affected and still affects many people and families,” junior Melana Vysotsky said. “I do agree with them being pushed back, but it does interfere with club, so it will be challenging to work that out.”

Many of the student athletes at Oakmont are involved in multiple sports or play for both the high school and an outside team. The delay of sports has created difficulty for students, as they are given the choice to decide the team they will play for if they are allowed a season this year.

“I agree [that sports are delayed] but don’t at the same time,” s

ophomore Andrew Perry said. “I believe they should just keep all sports in season, but keep an eye on any outbreaks.”

Student athletes at Oakmont have shared mixed opinions on whether or not sports should be delayed or given adjustments. However, a recurring trend in their thoughts circle back to knowing why the actions had to be done, whether they wanted them to happen or not. 

“I feel like these adjustments are necessary because of Covid, but I’m disappointed we’re not able to go back to our normal lives,” senior Vixie Martinez said. 

Many understand the causes of the effects which have taken place due to Covid-19 but are not happy, being left disappointed as they lose the time to create bonds with each other and do what they enjoy most to make their high school experience special. 

Overall, the student athletes at Oakmont may share mixed opinions on whether the changes to their sports were necessary, but the love of their sport and urge for normalcy in the world is something they all share.