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Trends in fashion come and go, so don’t worry about keeping up.

Don’t Worry, Your Teacher Did That Trend in 1980

New trends can be hard to keep up with, but it’s best not to worry too much.
Aidan Cusack and Edward Thornburg October 20, 2021

Whether it’s “devious licks,” harmless TikTok dances, or fashion styles, there’s always some sort of trend surging in the media. While they can be hard to keep up with, it’s important to remember...

Fall means warm apple cider, pumpkin pie, windy days, and looking your best!

Fall Fashion Trends are Hitting the Streets

The pieces to look out for this season.
Ashleigh Thorson, Staff Writer October 19, 2021

This fall, the color palette includes beiges, browns, greens, blacks, and whites, along with a variety of bold colors. Designers are working hard to incorporate these colors into the trendiest items this...

An example of the factory conditions that some cheaply made products are produced in.
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The Dangers of Fast Fashion

Is low-cost clothing really worth it?
Gabby Ortiz, Staff Writer March 4, 2021

As much as we love to buy cheap clothing and clothing that fits our budget, something we need to be mindful of is how dangerous fast fashion is and how it is destroying our planet, as well as exploiting...

The Guide to Skincare

The Guide to Skincare

If you are interested in Skincare, this is your guide!
Bevan McWilliams, Staff Writer March 1, 2021

During the pandemic, there has been a very large increase in the amount of skincare purchased worldwide. Some products even saw a 200% increase in sales.  It has grown in popularity because it is one...

A student holds a navy blue polka dotted mask.

Interesting Campus Masks

Despite the odds, people are making statements with their face masks.
Emmery Schuetz, Staff Writer January 27, 2021

Masks are now an important fashion trend in our everyday life. You can coordinate your mask to fit your outfit, or just wear a plain one that matches everything. But there are also the masks that are unique,...

Fall is here! And so is fall fashion, so be sure to keep your eye out for some of these fall staples!

Fall Fashion Forecast 2020

Clothing Items Trending this Fall that you won’t want to miss!
Naomi Salazar, Staff Writer September 29, 2020

With fall right around the corner, drinking warm apple cider under a blanket and going pumpkin picking sounds like a dream, but looking your absolute best does too!  This season has several new fashion...

Essential sneakers for your collection

Jascha Molina, Staff Writer & Features Editor May 24, 2019

Shoes reveal a lot about a person's personality. They also have a lot of influence over the outfits we wear, and at times, we struggle to find the perfect pair of shoes to match. To make these worries...

90s Baby!

90’s Baby!

Effie Li, Staff Writer April 30, 2019

Many old trends, especially from the 90s have been making an appearance in today's fashion again. However, these now come with a modern, and cute twist to our old laid back taste. You might be wondering...

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