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A photo of the Bank of America logo.
Bank of America Charitable Foundation’s Student Leader Program 2021
Samantha Loma, Staff Writer • December 17, 2020

Since 2005, the Bank of America Student Leaders Program has given over 2,500 students an opportunity to learn about nonprofit organizations and assist with their development.  If...

Oakmont High School’s boiler room pictured after its renovation.
OHS Boiler Room Renovation
Naomi Salazar, Staff Writer • December 11, 2020

In August, the project for renovation of the boiler room started. It is still in its final stages, but it is close to being completed. Principal Robert Hasty answers a few...

Brief: District Student Survey
Emma Price, Staff Writer • December 11, 2020

On December 7, the district sent out a survey for students regarding the possible choices of schedules in the upcoming second semester. “The intent is to collect information...

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Taylor Swift performing during the Red Tour in St. Louis on March 19, 2013.
Taylor Swift’s talent continues to reign forever and “evermore”
Catherine Mendoza, Staff Writer • December 21, 2020

Taylor Swift surprise announced and released her tenth album “evermore” on December 11, 2020.  A mere five months after sister album “folklore” was released on...

A poster to promote the famous anime "Dr. Stone."
The Coming of the Stone Wars
Marika Alexander, Staff Writer • December 15, 2020

The second season of “Dr. Stone,” one of the most popular anime shows of 2019, recently released its upcoming trailer and release date for the second season. The awaited...

Dolly Parton in a fuchsia suit with red lace details.
Have “A Holly Dolly Christmas” with Dolly Parton’s newest Christmas album
Gabriel Cortez, Staff Writer • December 11, 2020

Dolly Parton released “A Holly Dolly Christmas” as her first-holiday release since the 1990 release of “Home for Christmas.” With guests like Miley Cyrus, Micheal...

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Ashley Raigosa (top left), Sophia Leddy (top right), Kaitlyn Edwards (bottom left), Ella Pock (bottom middle), and Jolie Anderson (bottom right) have all been nominated for American Legion Auxiliary’s Girls State.
Girls State Nominations
Sophia Earnest, Staff Writer • December 21, 2020

On December 14, five female junior students were nominated by Oakmont staff for Girls State.  The American Legion Auxiliary (ALA) Girls State is a program that recognizes...

Senior Health Academy student Grant McFarland poses for a picture.
The positive impacts of Health Academy
Jack Eby, Staff Writer • December 17, 2020

Grant McFarland is a senior at Oakmont and a Health Academy student. He has been in the Health Academy for almost all of high school. Health Academy is a school program that...

Having trouble coming up with gifts for your friends and family? Here are some ideas to get you started.
Gifts to Give This Holiday Season
Belle Felicity Usi, Staff Writer • December 17, 2020

If you are anything like me, you also have trouble coming up with what to give your friends and family every Christmas. Here are some ideas to help you decide on this year’s...

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Last year’s Oakmont O-Zone cheering on the varsity football team during the tie dye themed game.
Oakmont’s future with athletics in a COVID world
Lily Harrison, Staff Writer • December 16, 2020

With an increase in COVID-19 cases and the second round of stay at home orders for Roseville, as well as for many other counties in California, many student athletes are uncertain...

Jonathan Duya is a junior and the current captain of the esports team at Oakmont.
The highs and lows of esports
Catherine Mendoza, Staff Writer • November 20, 2020

For junior Jonathan Duya, his schedule is hectic with IB Diploma work, tennis, and extracurricular responsibilities. However, one thing stays the same: his presence in the...

The NBA Finals are approaching and many fans are curious who will win.
NBA Finals Preview
Anirudh Mepperla, Staff Writer • September 30, 2020

COVID-19 impacted many things throughout the world. The NBA season was on hold, but they are ready to finish out the season with the NBA Finals. The Finals are taking place...

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High school experiences are ruined form the start because of the way that the media portrays high school.
The High School Experience
Jacob Garcia, Staff Writer • December 18, 2020

Due to popular films, television, as well as media, high school is seen as a cultural milestone for so many of us. Generation after generation, with films like Grease, any...

In her weekly column, Kaitlyn’s School of Thought, Norse Notes’ Kaitlyn Edwards shares her opinions surrounding all topics about being a high school student and academic issues.
Kaitlyn’s School of Thought: Goodbyes always come too soon
Kaitlyn Edwards, Editor-in-Chief • December 18, 2020

To the publication that I will always remember, When I chose my freshman year classes, I never thought that when I chose journalism as one of my classes, I would come out...

Learning sign language can help promote awareness for the deaf and hard of hearing communities.
Teaching Sign Language
Unique Hartke, Staff Writer • December 15, 2020

In high school, students are required to take a foreign language course because most colleges require these classes among their core requirements. However, many high schools...

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Oakmont Virtual Fall Rally
Oakmont Student Government • October 30, 2020

The Oakmont Virtual Fall Rally has been released! Highlights of the rally include performances by the dance team and the varsity cheer team,...

October 23, 2020 Student Bulletin
Advanced Media • October 23, 2020

September 18, 2020 Student Bulletin
Advanced Media • September 18, 2020

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