• Placer County was moved to the Purple Tier amid growing concern for COVID-19.
  • The release of youth sports guidelines has been postponed.
  • There is no school from November 23 to November 27 due to Thanksgiving Break.

Norse Notes

A new class about coming together and learning about the different cultures of the world is coming to Oakmont.
Ethnics Studies Coming to Oakmont
Marika Alexander, Staff Writer • November 16, 2020

A new ethnics studies course that focuses on teaching students many different cultures from around the world is coming to Oakmont next year. “The intent of the course...

Protests of abortion restrictions in Krakow and throughout Poland have erupted recently.
Poland Abortion Ban Causes Largest Protest in Decade
Lily Harrison, Staff Writer • November 10, 2020

On October 22, 2020 Poland declared a law that prohibited almost all abortions by causing them to be seen as inhumane, causing an outcry across Poland, ushering thousands...

Taco Bell
Taco Bell's New Menu
Lexi Nadeau, Staff Writer • November 6, 2020

As of August 13 2020, Taco Bell removed many customer favorites from their menu. This includes  Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes, Triple Layer Nacho, and more.  The comments on...

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NLE Choppa
NLE Choppa’s “Dark to Light” Album is Surprisingly Different
Trent Thompson, Staff Writer • November 19, 2020

NLE Choppa’s newest album “From Dark to Light” was released on his birthday, November 1. This album is a lot  different from his past releases because insead of talking...

Movies with high school themes have evolved, yet still kept the element of chaoticness of teens.
High school movies through each decade
Brianna Nusom, Staff Writer • November 18, 2020

Warning: Spoilers Ahead After watching the movie, “Dazed and Confused” (1993) for the first time, it left me wondering about the diversity in interpretations of what...

"The Trial of Lizzie Borden" is a great choice for readers who are interested in true crime and historical novels.
Telling all about “The Trial of Lizzie Borden”
Emma Price, Staff Writer • November 17, 2020

“The Trial of Lizzie Borden” by Cara Robertson is easily one of the best historical true crime stories. This book particularly focuses on the feelings of youngest daughter...

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“Jeopardy” host Alex Trebek passes away at 80 due to a long term battle of pancreatic cancer.
The tragic passing of Alex Trebek
Brianna Nusom, Staff Writer • November 19, 2020

Alex Trebek sadly passed away on November 8, 2020 after a two year battle with pancreatic cancer. Trebek was most known for his role as a host for American game show “Jeopardy”...

Kamala Harris is elected vice president of the United States and will be assuming office in early 2021.
Harris Making History
Sophia Earnest, Staff Writer • November 19, 2020

Kamala Harris is making history for being elected as the vice president of the United States. Harris is the first woman, the first Black, and the first Asian vice president...

Timmothy Broz poses while holding his son Tobias.
Getting to Know Timmothy Broz
Anirudh Mepperla, Staff Writer • November 13, 2020

Timmothy Broz is a math teacher at Oakmont and has faced many challenges that many teachers do not often go through. He had many struggles growing up. “I had a difficult...

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The NBA Finals are approaching and many fans are curious who will win.
NBA Finals Preview
Anirudh Mepperla, Staff Writer • September 30, 2020

COVID-19 impacted many things throughout the world. The NBA season was on hold, but they are ready to finish out the season with the NBA Finals. The Finals are taking place...

Melana Vyskosky is a junior playing on the volleyball team at Oakmont.
Covid-19 Affecting High School and Club Sports
Emma Price, Staff Writer • September 24, 2020

As COVID-19 has gotten exponentially worse since the beginning of March, it has drastically affected extracurricular activities, such as sports, causing mixed opinions...

The NBA playoffs are currently underway, with many fans excited to see who will come out on top.
NBA Playoffs Recap
Anirudh Srinivas Mepperla, Staff Writer • September 18, 2020

Through all of the unexpected events in recent times, a lot of the things we love the most are being put on hold. However, it has yet to stop the NBA as playoffs and finals...

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In her weekly column, Kaitlyn’s School of Thought, Norse Notes’ Kaitlyn Edwards shares her opinions surrounding all topics about being a high school student and academic issues.
Kaitlyn’s School of Thought: We need to abandon our Eurocentric education
Kaitlyn Edwards, Editor-in-Chief • November 20, 2020

With Thanksgiving coming up soon, many people are preparing to celebrate the holiday and give thanks to all those around them. However, one of the largest topics on my mind...

With new regulations established for the holidays, will they be mandated and be followed by California citizens?
California’s Governor establishes regulations for Thanksgiving festivities
Brianna Nusom, Staff Writer • November 16, 2020

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for what you have and what you are given, but this may be easier said than done courtesy of a new outbreak in COVID-19 cases. California’s...

Each year, Thanksgiving and Christmas battle it out to be the holiday that people celebrate sooner.
Thanksgiving VS. Christmas
Laurie Lencioni, Staff Writer • November 13, 2020

During these holiday times, people can never agree on when to start celebrating Christmas. Some believe that the minute Halloween is over, it is time for Christmas. However,...

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Oakmont Virtual Fall Rally
Oakmont Student Government • October 30, 2020

The Oakmont Virtual Fall Rally has been released! Highlights of the rally include performances by the dance team and the varsity cheer team,...

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