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Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is a great transition to fall.

Starbucks Fall Latte Greets the New Season

A review of this year’s fall inspired drinks
Alisi Tuatonga and Leah Maupin October 28, 2021

It’s officially fall, which means Halloween, picturesque trees, and a dose of seasonal flavored coffee. Roseville’s local coffee spots, Dutch Bros, Peet's Coffee, and Starbucks all showed promising...

Create your own dish with fresh spinach, roasted garlic and tomato, roasted chicken, alfredo sauce, and fettuccine pasta.

Take it With A Grain of Salt

An honest review of Macaroni Grill.
Ashleigh Thorson, Staff Writer October 26, 2021

Quiet, relaxing music and an aroma of mouth watering pasta and bread wafts through the air when you first walk into Romano’s Macaroni Grill, an Italian restaurant in Roseville.  My group and...

Mornings can be chaotic, but breakfast is worth finding time for.

Don’t Ditch Breakfast

Why you should find time to eat in the morning.
Aidan Cusack, Staff Writer September 28, 2021

You’ve heard it time and time again: breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  But after struggling to wake up, rushing to the car five minutes late, and arriving at school just before the...

picture credits: Taste of Home

Pro’s and Con’s of Different Plant-Based Milk Alternatives

Aubrey Smith, Staff Writer March 3, 2021

None of the milk alternatives are going to taste the same as dairy would, but they will certainly come with less guilt. This huge movement away from dairy comes after revelations of the impact the dairy...

Fall is here! Try some of these trending autumn foods!

The Biggest Fall Food Trends of 2020

Ultimate autumn classics you should try!
Naomi Salazar, Staff Writer October 21, 2020

Fall is here, and so are the best fall foods! Here are some of the most popular fall favorites that are trending this year.  Starting off with the fall staple, pumpkin spice! This popular combination...

Q&A with Sam Alway and Kayla Hudzietz

Q&A with Sam Alway and Kayla Hudzietz

Sam Alway and Kayla Hudzietz are lifelong friends who have created their own cooking show on YouTube and Instagram, titled Sam and Kayla’s Bar and Grill.
Bailey Hintz, Staff Writer March 7, 2019

How long have you two been friends? Kayla Hudzietz: We've been friends since kindergarten. Sam Alway: That's about twelve years.   Who came up with the idea for your cooking show? KH:...

Fun fall recipes

Claire Arnold, Staff Writer & Designer November 9, 2018

With Thanksgiving approaching, many people are scrambling to come up with sweet treats to prepare. Here are some sweet, cute, and simple recipes for this Fall season. Fall is not just a time to eat, it...

Spooky pumpkin cupcakes and chocolate pretzel webs

Spooky pumpkin cupcakes and chocolate pretzel webs

Effie Li, Staff Writer October 29, 2018

With Halloween coming up, staying healthy while trying to enjoy spooky treats may be hard. However, here are two healthy alternatives to the unhealthy Halloween snacks a person would usually eat: Spooky...

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