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Norse Notes

The current Nintendo logo as shown at the Nintendo Direct.

The future of Nintendo

Lance Carlson, Staff Writer March 8, 2023

The new Nintendo Direct was just released, and with it, a lot of information for upcoming games and DLCs for popular Nintendo games.  The Nintendo Direct is something that fans look forward to every...

One of the first “DOOM” enemy’s new look.

The Best Game of 2019: “DOOM Eternal”

Isaac Logsdon, Sports Editor December 20, 2022

“DOOM Eternal” has been considered one of the first ever first-person shooters to be added on computers. While it might be the oldest first-person shooter-style game, it still is relevant to this day,...

A deck of “UNO” cards while playing with two other people.

A review of “UNO”

Maxwell Harris, Staff Writer December 19, 2022

“UNO” is a card-based game that can be played with up to nine players. It was developed in 1971 by a man named Merle Robbins, but hadn’t become popular until 1992 when it was acquired by another...

First look at bendy as the Ink Demon.

The ink demon returns

Isaac Logsdon, Sports Editor December 13, 2022

Indie horror games have slowly been becoming bigger ever since Markiplier played “Five Nights at Freddy’s” back in 2014. Ever since “Five Nights at Freddy’s” has been out, there have been a...

This is a picture of “Levee En Masse” which is shown halfway through completion.

A review of “Levee En Masse”

Maxwell Harris, Staff Writer November 30, 2022

Ma“Levee En Masse” is a single player game about the French Revolution, which involves keeping Paris “In Order” and defending against various counter revolutionaries as long as possible without...

The current game cover for the early access release of “Slime Rancher 2.”

“Slime Rancher 2” review

Noah Popkes, Staff Writer November 30, 2022

“Slime Rancher 2” is the sequel to the highly-rated game “Slime Rancher,” made by Monomi Park. After six years, Monomi Park came out with the early access sequel on Sept. 22. “I was so happy...

This is “Betrayal at House on the Hill” with a randomized layout of rooms that are in play.

Spookiest game of the year

Maxwell Harris, Staff Writer November 10, 2022

“Betrayal at House on the Hill” is a board game that came out in mid-2018 and can be played with anywhere from two to six people. The gameplay loop is to explore rooms and collect items, experience...

Mario and Luigi both make their debut in April.

Super Mario is heading to theaters

Isaac Logsdon, Sports Editor November 10, 2022

There are a lot of video game movies that have come out from 2020 to 2022. For example, the Mortal Kombat movie was released on Apr. 23, 2021, with a lot of hype built around it. Now, there is a 3D animated...

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet first reveal image teases new game coming out Nov. 18.

Yet another Pokémon adventure

Lance Carlson, Sports Editor October 31, 2022

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are the two new games coming to the Pokémon genre, but will they be different from what came before them? Introducing Generation nine comes with a lot of changes the Pokémon...

The new main logo for the new Call Of Duty game

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” beta review

Trent Thompson, Arts and Entertainment Editor October 21, 2022

On Sept. 24-26, the new “Call of Duty” (COD) beta was able to be played on all platforms, such as Playstation, Xbox, and PC. This game is the sequel to the 2019 “Call of Duty” game, “Modern...

Animal Crossing New Horizons title cover.

What to Expect in the Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 Update

Zoey Bowers, Staff Writer November 29, 2021

Up to date, this will be one of New Horizons biggest updates since it’s release on Mar. 20, 2020, and so much is being included in the game.  One of the biggest additions is the return of old characters,...

How Dream went from streaming Minecraft to speedrunning the internet

How Dream went from streaming Minecraft to speedrunning the internet

Nova Roden and Sam Jourdan May 16, 2021

From 1 million subscribers to 20 million in under a year and a half, now a well-known name in the gaming community: Dream. Currently one of the biggest influencers on the Minecraft side of YouTube and...

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