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The Student News Site of Oakmont High School

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The Student News Site of Oakmont High School

Norse Notes

Pink Adidas NMD R1s (gif by Karl Martini)

Upcoming Sneaker Releases

Jascha Molina, Staff Writer, Features Editor, and Designer January 29, 2019

2019 is the beginning of a new year. Which means creations of unique sneakers are waiting to be released. So why not treat yourself (or a friend) with a fresh new pair of sneakers? Here are several types...

Zöe Rygg and Noel Jensen getting presents ready for Santas Helpers (photo by Sienna Pinney)

Santa’s Helpers bring holiday cheer

Paul McLaughlin, Staff Writer, Sports Editor, & Copy Editor December 18, 2018

This year’s annual Santa’s Helpers was on December 11. This is an event that Oakmont has been doing since 1991. Each year Oakmont partners together with FC Royce Elementary School in North Highlands...

The gift of giving

Emily Rojas, Staff Writer & Editor & Designer & Photographer December 17, 2018

The holiday season is the season many know for giving and receiving gifts, eating incredible amounts of food, and spending time with their family. When thinking about giving gifts, many people’s minds...

Some examples for a cold day is a candle, Netflix, fuzzy socks, and a nice book

How to spend a cold winter day – Q&A

Alyssa Andres, Staff Writer December 3, 2018

When it is cold outside, what is your favorite thing to do?   RI: “Have movie marathons with my friends, because if you’re gonna stay inside you might as well make it interesting.” HB:...

Black Friday tips

Kyra Barnhard, Staff Writer November 20, 2018

Black Friday is a holiday known for its low prices and crazy shoppers. With a small amount of time to shop, lots of deals, and people in a frenzy, here are some Black Friday tips: Sign Up For Store...

Mysterious Wallace: outside the classroom

Mysterious Wallace: outside the classroom

Isabella Lepley, Staff Writer November 14, 2018

At Oakmont High School, English teacher Mr. Wallace is known for his book worm ways, as well as his segment on the Student Bulletin titled, “Words with Wallace.” However, many do not know what lifestyle...

Does it all in the fall

Does it all in the fall

Kaitlyn Edwards, Staff Writers November 2, 2018

Senior Jonas Cole was the only Oakmont student to participate in two fall sports for our school this year. He was driven by his friends to play both varsity water polo and compete in cross country. “When...

Depiction of a geisha (L) and a culturally offensive costume (R)

Culturally offensive Halloween costumes

Ciaran Henderson, Staff Writer & Designer October 29, 2018

On Halloween, we see a barrage of different people walking around the streets in costume. From a vampire, or a princess; however, there are other costumes seem to catch the eyes of parents and media. Those...

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

Emily Rojas, Staff Writer & Designer & Editor October 29, 2018

Day of the Dead has been an important holiday for Mexican, Aztec, and Latin American cultures throughout much of history. It is celebrated on the days of October 31-November 2. Day of the Dead holds much...

Black cats during Halloween

Black cats during Halloween

Daniela Hirsch, Staff Writer October 29, 2018

Owners of black cats should take additional precautions during the Halloween season, as these pets and their bad superstitions may cause them to become victims of potentially harmful pranks or even satanic...

The Parking Lot, Can You Handle It?

Holly Watson, Staff Writer October 23, 2018

Students who drive understand the daily dread of exiting our parking lot.  The student and staff parking lot is highly packed, which causes a delay when leaving after school.   Question: Tell...

Teacher’s odd jobs

Kyra Barnhard, Staff Writer October 19, 2018

Mr. Nugent used to work as a bellhop at a hotel. Mrs. Dobon-Claveau worked in a funeral home as a receptionist in grad school. Mr. Smith taught English in Japan for a company. Mrs. Strawn worked...

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