The recent switch from warms up in the gym to warm ups in your room

Distance learning causes students to participate in physical education from home.


Courtesy of Wordsmith Media

Because of distance learning, students have been participating in physical education on Zoom.

Distance learning is causing students to do physical education through Zoom in order to promote good health and practice healthy habits.

“In my PE class, we do several different activities,” physical education teacher Teresa Enrico said. “We warm up as a class, some whole class workouts, free choice of movement, fitness challenges such as GooseChase and the Paper Challenge. We also work toward academic standards by reading articles, discussing curriculum in small breakout groups, writing summaries, and taking quizzes.”

There are some issues that come with learning physical education online, like students not even participating. 

“I cannot see my students most of the time as they go about their exercises,” Enrico said. “How do I know if they are actually exercising? How do I know if they are moving with proper form or if they need help? I don’t. It is hard and frustrating, and something that I am working to accept.” 

Still, teachers like Enrico are still trying their hardest to overcome it and try different strategies.

Many students have mixed feelings about the situation though. She’s dedicated to improving the current situation and continues to help students better improve themselves.

“Online P.E. is fine and I don’t mind the work outs,” sophomore Tirza Kuniday said. “I try to be on camera most of the time, but honestly it’s kind of uncomfortable being on camera.”

It becomes more than just having their face on screen for all their classmates. Some feel tense and vulnerable when showing their personal spaces.

 “A lot of my friends just don’t feel comfortable showing their room to anyone,” Kuniday said. “It’s not that they don’t want to participate; it just makes them uncomfortable.”

Some students see the better sides of the situation and find it enjoyable.

“I like virtual P.E. way more than in person,” sophomore Bella Withers said. “I can do my workouts at my own pace and not feel too rushed.”

Teachers are working hard to help students and make sure they get their daily dose of exercise.

“I am a lifelong learner,” Enrico said. “I love to be challenged, to adapt and create.”