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Lauren Watanabe

Lauren Watanabe, Editor

Lauren Watanabe is a junior in her second year of being part of the journalism team at Oakmont. When not participating in journalism, Lauren likes to study to become a wiccan (witch). Through this craft, she has learned a new type of respect and love for nature, as it revolves around everything natural. She also likes hanging out with friends when it’s possible, and loves to support them no matter what. Lauren is not quite sure what she wants to do with her life quite yet, but she keeps in mind that whatever makes her happiest is the best option. Lauren loves learning about people and all they have to offer this world. Meeting new people is like a fun test for Lauren as she loves learning about people she has not spoken to a lot before. Lauren lives her life by the idea that, “If you do no harm, do as you will.” She loves to spend time with her dog even though he just uses her as a food source. Even though it sounds crazy, she talks to her dog on the daily about life problems and he is her number one supporter. She feels neutral about junior year and hopes to actually get sleep this year.

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Lauren Watanabe