Don’t Ditch Breakfast

Why you should find time to eat in the morning.



Mornings can be chaotic, but breakfast is worth finding time for.

Aidan Cusack, Staff Writer

You’ve heard it time and time again: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 

But after struggling to wake up, rushing to the car five minutes late, and arriving at school just before the gates close, it can be hard to find a time where you can squeeze in a meal. I sat down with Oakmont students and staff to talk about the importance of finding a time to eat breakfast.

Oakmont senior Greg Dimapilis discussed why students may not have time to eat breakfast in the morning.

“I do eat breakfast if I have time, but in most cases usually not,” Dimapilis said. “And usually I don’t eat it because I work out in the mornings, so I go from the gym straight to the school.”

A lot of students can likely relate to this, as a Kellog survey of 14,000 Americans showed that only 34 percent eat breakfast in the morning. Dimapilis says it’s a matter of timeliness.

“The main reason is a timely thing for me,” Dimapilis said. “I tend to be staying up late to do my homework.”

Edward Thornburg, an Oakmont sophomore, talked about his need for breakfast every morning, and why finding time to eat is important to him.

I feel like it’s like a source of energy,” Thornburg said. “It’s like our fuel…if I eat it, I feel more energized.”

Oakmont culinary teacher Wendy Cox would agree with the importance of breakfast, as an expert on food and healthy meals. 

“It breaks your fast from overnight, so you have a rhythm of fasting and eating,” Cox said. “You have low blood sugar in the morning, and in order to balance your body and get you going for the day you definitely need a healthy breakfast.”

Obviously, mornings can be busy and eating breakfast can be hard to fit in. Cox had some tips for preparing the night before. 

“I recommend trying to make it a priority, so if you don’t have time in the morning, try to plan the night before,” Cox said. “You can have something to eat that will be nutritious, to get your day started in a healthy way.”

Overall, finding a time to eat breakfast in the morning can be hard with busy schedules. But with the benefits of a more energizing day and long-term healthiness, it’s worth it to plan ahead and eat something nutritious.