Essential sneakers for your collection

Jascha Molina, Staff Writer & Features Editor

Shoes reveal a lot about a person’s personality. They also have a lot of influence over the outfits we wear, and at times, we struggle to find the perfect pair of shoes to match. To make these worries disappear, here are some affordable sneakers that should be a part of your collection.


Adidas “Sleek Shoes”


Retail Price: $80


The “Sleek Shoes” come in four different colorways. Some are simple and clean, especially the white colorway that can be suited with any outfit. The shoe is mainly made up of tumbled leather so creasing is not a problem for the shoe’s toe cap. It also features the Adidas’ logo and lace tips in metallic gold, giving off a glistening pop.


Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top


Retail Price: $50


The iconic black and white “Converse” sneakers are timeless and have yet to go out of style. They are a classic shoe that can be coordinated with any outfit and it’s not the type of shoe that has to remain entirely spotless. Even with a few scuffs on these sneakers, it still maintains its prestigious look.


Vans “Old Skool”


Retail Price: $60


Vans “Old Skools,” the shoe is known for it’s aesthetic and comfortability, can be the finishing touch to the perfect outfit. There are a plethora of colors to choose from, including the black and white colorway. With the simplicity of these colorways, it can be widely worn from casual, to street style wear.


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