Fall Fashion Trends are Hitting the Streets

The pieces to look out for this season.



Fall means warm apple cider, pumpkin pie, windy days, and looking your best!

Ashleigh Thorson, Staff Writer

This fall, the color palette includes beiges, browns, greens, blacks, and whites, along with a variety of bold colors. Designers are working hard to incorporate these colors into the trendiest items this fashion season.

When given the choice, people will choose comfort in their outfit decisions, as we saw in the 2020 fashion season. Knitwear, which is yarn woven in certain ways to create intricate designs, a great way to look cute but also remain comfy. Pair an oversized knit dress, two-piece set, or skirt and satin top duo with thick-soled leather loafers or knee high boots. If you want a classier look, pick strappy sandals.

Saturated shades are also in this autumn. Pieces that are combined together to compliment one another or in the same shade create a bright, bold look. Have your eyes on a yellow blazer? Go for the trousers too, and maybe even a bag to match.

If you aren’t comfortable with bright colors but still want to go for a tailored look, layer a slightly oversized white collared shirt with a blazer coat and matching trousers. To make it more unique, add a vest, sweater, or turtleneck as well as boots. 

Cropped jackets and tops are turning heads with the new silhouette they are creating. Their elegant and midriff-baring look creates a playful but classy outfit. Look for a cropped jacket and trouser duo or a cropped top and skirt if you’re looking for the perfect night out piece. 

Layering with dress shirts is also super trendy right now. Simply take a shirt and wear it beneath a dress. This gives a more formal dimension to a relaxed silhouette. 

The word cozy keeps coming up when describing the looks this season. Puffer jackets are a great outer layer to keep you warm. The cuts and silhouettes can give dramatic effect, but some cuts are more relaxed. Pairing a black puffer with some wide leg jeans, a cropped turtleneck, and boots gives the perfect casual daytime look. 

Pants this season are something of a mystery as people are coming out of an 18 month phase of wearing sweatpants throughout the pandemic. Many styles that are emerging include high waisted patterned pants with wide and flared legs.

 As far as jeans go, low rise and high waisted cuts are prominent still. Baggy, bootcut, wide leg, and distressed jeans are the styles that are seen in the streets. Dark wash is going to be trendy this season, along with the long-lasting light wash color. 

Roaring 20’s styles are also making an appearance this season. Flapper dresses with lace and satin slip dresses are abundant in the runways. Layered under coats, these dresses are the perfect sophisticated look. 

When looking to purchase new, trendy pieces, make sure to select a color that will match your closet. This can create more outfit options in your wardrobe. When your wardrobe is full of colors that compliment each other, you can mix and match pieces. This creates more profit out of your investment. 

This season incorporates timeless looks with new fashion concepts, creating some of the strongest looks yet.