Fall Fashion Forecast 2020

Clothing Items Trending this Fall that you won’t want to miss!


Alex Geerts

Fall is here! And so is fall fashion, so be sure to keep your eye out for some of these fall staples!

Naomi Salazar, Staff Writer

With fall right around the corner, drinking warm apple cider under a blanket and going pumpkin picking sounds like a dream, but looking your absolute best does too!  This season has several new fashion trends that you need in your life! 

Items that are being seen everywhere on social media are leather blazers. This clothing piece is designed to be unisex, meaning men and women can rock it, and it has been a popular selection for fall wear almost every year. Something that makes it so popular is the fact that it can be worn with almost anything and still achieve a cool chic look. 

Want to dress comfy? Okay! Boots, mom jeans, a leather blazer, and a turtleneck. 

Want to keep it casual? You got it! Fleece hoodie under the leather blazer, well fitted jeans, and Doc Martens.

Another fall staple that will be making a comeback this year is the knitted sweater. You can pair it with almost anything, from jeans to leggings to even a pair of sweatpants, and your favorite pair of shoes! Some styles of knitted sweaters that are trending this year are cable knit, chunky knit, and amalia knit. 

Looking for something classy yet comfy? Try velvet! Ranging from jeans to bags to even shirts, velvet is a versatile material that you can wear in many different ways. Fall and winter are the most popular seasons to wear velvet, and it can be worn throughout the day or at night. For a day time look, try pairing a tailored velvet shirt with loose jeans and a leather jacket. For the evening, velvet can be worn as pantsuits, jackets, or dresses. 

In addition, shearling jackets are also a must have for fall. Comfy and stylish, shearling jackets are a cozy outerwear piece that will definitely keep you warm and cozy during the chilly months. Ranging in shades like black, gray, and creamy beige, shearling jackets can match with almost every color, making it the perfect jacket for fall. 

Going for a popular, aesthetic look? Try patchwork! This iconic new trend was inspired by Harry Styles’s very famous patchwork cardigan. Patchwork can come in many forms. Ranging from pants to shirts to sweatshirts, patchwork is definitely a very useful clothing item for fall, and definitely a very unique one.