90’s Baby!


Effie Li, Staff Writer

Many old trends, especially from the 90s have been making an appearance in today’s fashion again. However, these now come with a modern, and cute twist to our old laid back taste. You might be wondering when you have seen these old trends around you, but it might not be what you expect of the low-waist jeans and Juicy Couture sweatpants. Here are some of the trends that have risen from the dead:


  • Scrunchies

Scrunchies have been a popular staple in many girls’ accessories and you can see almost any basic teenage girl wearing one on her wrist.

  • Denim Skirts

Making its rounds in our stores and closets again, denim skirts can come in varying

lengths and styles and make for an easy going out outfit.

  • Platform Shoes

Filas, Vans, and Converse have all been hopping on the platform shoes trend, with the Fila Luminance sneaker being popular among teens. Bright colors on the shoes along with the high top make it a popular seller for Fila and a popular shoe among teens.

  • Crop Tops

“Crop it like it’s hot”. Crop tops have seen a big boost in popularity again starting back in 2013 and still holding onto many closets and stores. Crop tops are a fun way to show a little skin in the summer while staying cool and hip.

  • Mom Jeans

A plain and simple item of clothing that was thought to be a disgrace to fashion in the 2000s has had a powerful comeback. The jean style can work for anyone who just has the confidence to rock them.

  • Round Glasses

In the 2000s, round glasses was thought to be nerdy and ugly, but have been coming back again recently. They look great on sharp and angular faces, and also add a nice vintage vibe to any outfit you want to add them to.