Don’t Worry, Your Teacher Did That Trend in 1980

New trends can be hard to keep up with, but it’s best not to worry too much.


Trends in fashion come and go, so don’t worry about keeping up.

Aidan Cusack and Edward Thornburg

Whether it’s “devious licks,” harmless TikTok dances, or fashion styles, there’s always some sort of trend surging in the media. While they can be hard to keep up with, it’s important to remember that trends have always been around, so it’s best not to get too worried about them.

We sat down with Oakmont teachers to talk about fads from their childhood, and patterns they’ve seen while teaching. AP European History teacher Kelly Borgeson listed some trends that surfaced when he was in school.

“Painting our jeans,” Borgeson said. “Nice bright polo shirts. Funky haircuts that we called chicken heads. Surfing and skating where I grew up.”

Chemistry teacher Chad Gillis also discussed some familiar trends from his student years.

“Whether they never really left or made a comeback, I do see some familiar styles,” Gillis said. “Holes in pants! Skinny jeans! Scene Hair! Sweatpants! Though sweatpants may just be post-pandemic related.”

Both teachers have seen many fads that made comebacks in their adult lives. Borgeson talked about one that he sees time and time again as a teacher.

“Generations of music kind of come back,” Borgeson said. “There’s a little 80s trend that comes back and then kind of disappears…like the Nirvana trend kind of comes and goes.”

Gillis also noticed repetition in the constant dying and reviving of certain hairstyles and clothes.

The last few decades seem to be repeating themselves,” Gillis said. “Except for the fluffy hair, the 80’s made a comeback a short while ago as people started wearing more bright colors and early punk styles. Now the 90’s have been coming back: loose tops, overalls, and mom jeans.”

However, while these trends repeat themselves, it’s important to remember that fads always come and go and aren’t worth worrying about. Math teacher Stephany Aguirre talked about why it isn’t important to stress too much about them.

“I look back at my pictures and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, why were we so worried?’” Aguirre said.

Trends can seem crazy and stressful when they come about, but based on the experiences of Oakmont staff, these seemingly important fads will most likely pass over. Don’t worry too much about the latest fixation.