A Home Run Start for Varsity Baseball


Photo of the varsity baseball team after winning the tournament in Modesto

Our varsity baseball team has gone on an amazing 10-0 run to start off the season. This far into the season, they are ranked first in the section, twelfth in the state, and sixtieth in the entire country. On March 26, 2019, the varsity baseball team started off with league play with a 4-3 win over the Lincoln Fighting Zebras on our home field. The team is hoping to continue this success throughout the rest of their season.


“We put a lot of hard work in during the off-season,” junior player Timmy Harrison said. “[This group is so special because] we are all friends. We all have great team chemistry.”


Being close friends off of the field is a great way to improve their connection on the field. Since the team is so close, even when they are not at practice or playing a game, their chemistry is always increasing for when they actually do play together in a game.


“I think we improved [from last season] all around,” senior Adam Kobza said. “But most noticeably, the team chemistry is a lot better and everybody pulls for each other no matter what the situation [is].”


When the team is playing the way it is, winning it all is not out of the question. It can be a struggle, but with the way the team is playing, they are capable of pulling it off. More games are coming right around the corner and hopefully, this success continues on. If they keep working hard and keep working together, the team could go all the way.


“We are capable of playing well each day,” coach Paul Martinez said. [A championship] is very doable for this group. Our approach is to do things that the right way each day and be good teammates and the winning will take care of itself.”