Crazy for the Kings

Insight into the experiences of the biggest Kings fan on campus


Credit: Noah Rush

Freshman Noah Rush with Sacramento Kings point guard De’Aaron Fox.

Madeline Murphy, Staff Writer

Freshman Noah Rush is a lifelong Sacramento Kings season ticket holder.

“This is the fifteenth year we’ve had season tickets and I’ve been to, I would say, 80 plus games,” Rush said.

As a season ticket holder, a person receives many perks. One major perk that many members take advantage of is the 15 percent discount at the Kings team store. From jerseys to hats, Rush has it all.

“I have so many jerseys that I probably shouldn’t have, from players that aren’t even that great anymore,” Rush said. “I honestly probably have like fifteen or more.”

He has gotten up close and personal with every player on the team. From having conversations with each of them before and after games to watching them play the game they love most, Rush’s courtside view has taught him a lot.

“You can base your skills off of them and do moves that they do and pretty much get their swagger,” Rush said.

According to Rush, having season tickets his whole life has really changed his skills and mindset as a player. He does not play basketball anymore, but still sees the Kings legends’ dedication and tries to apply the same level of hard work to the sport he cares most about: baseball. 

“The first game I watched with De’Aaron Fox really impacted me because he had this amazing carriage to himself and it really changed my whole perspective,” Rush said.

Basketball games are events that many families take advantage of to spend time with each other, and for Rush, that’s his favorite part of having season tickets.

“Getting to spend time with my family I would say is the biggest perk because sometimes I go with my aunt or uncle or parents and it’s really a bonding experience that I enjoy,” Rush said.