Laughter is the best medicine

How students use humor to cope with everyday life


Claire Arnold, Kaylee Verdugo

Girl with the Porcelain Face- This piece signifies the daily pressure many face to conceal their emotions.

Claire Arnold, Staff Writer & Business Manager

Students are using humor more and more as a coping mechanism for stress and hardships in their daily lives. They laugh at dark jokes or even make self-deprecating jokes, which can make others worry for their mental sanity. In all honesty, people who laugh at the darkest jokes or make fun of themselves are doing it for their sake, because often the only other option than to laugh, is to cry.

“The emotion of depression or sadness is something that is natural in humans,” senior Max Esparza said. “So there is no point ignoring it. Instead of moping around, try and do something about it. For me, that is watching Dave Chapelle or playing the blues.” 

I make jokes about myself all of the time. The reason I make fun of myself is not to put myself down, but it is to actually build myself back up. I find calling myself bad names makes the sting less when someone else calls me the same. I find this solution helps me a lot through my struggles. This is not necessarily the best thing to do, but it is how I have always coped. 

“Making jokes can increase the humor level, laughing, and enjoying time together can make everyone feel better,” freshman Batmunkh Munkhtugla said.

Senior Kate Watanabe likes to make others laugh to help herself feel better in her darkest times. Helping others laugh is what makes her happy. Kate helps others feel happy, because it helps her out of her darkness by pulling someone else out of their darkness.

“It’s kinda instinctive to me,” Watanabe said. “It’s not something I have control of anymore. It’s just how I deal with them, and it’s a coping mechanism. Like I said, it makes me feel better to be helping other people and make other people laugh.” 

Humor is a common coping mechanism for a lot of people. It helps them deal with their daily problems in a manner that they enjoy. They laugh, smile, and do their absolute best to have fun even in their saddest times. As they say ‘fake it ‘till you make it.’ 

“Making jokes about a situation can make the mood more positive and less negative,”  Munkhtugla said.