Season in review: Boys’ water polo


Taylor Easley

Sophomore AJ Sepulvado getting ready to shoot the ball in hopes of scoring a goal.

Kaitlyn Edwards, Staff Writer

The varsity boys’ water polo team went 8-2 in league this season, while the junior varsity team went 7-1 in league.  Both teams excelled in their practices and games, and improved their skills to become the best team that they could be.

Varsity Boys Water Polo

“Our team has definitely improved as far as communications and knowing our personnel,” senior Nicholas Medewar said.

The varsity team’s hard work to improve this season led them to go on to the league championship against Ponderosa on October 24.  Although they lost the game, they put up a hard fight, and only lost by four points.

“We have basically improved together as a team,” junior Andreja Seljak said. “We’ve strengthened our relationship as a team and basically our skills in water polo.”

On the day before each game, the team bonded and practiced while listening to music.  The team also did ten 100 meter freestyle to prepare for their upcoming games so that they stayed in shape to do well.

“The people really [make the team special],” Andreja Seljak said.  “Like being able to hang out with your friends and having fun with them at the same time.”

Junior Varsity Boys Water Polo

“I’m proud that we won a lot of games,” sophomore Andrew Zaikin said.  “We improved a lot this season.”

The junior varsity team’s final game was against the Roseville Tigers on October 25.  The boys fought hard, and they were rewarded by becoming co-champions of the league.

“There was a lot more teamwork [this season],” sophomore Alec Bradford said.

During their game against Ponderosa, Bradford shot a goal from far outside the cage to help win the game, and the ball was missed by a hair by Ponderosa’s goalie.

“I think our season went very well considering what we were last year, and how much we improved,” Andrew Zaikin said.  “Overall, it couldn’t have been a better season.”