A good time when you’re alone on Valentine’s Day

Claire Arnold, Staff Writer

If you are feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day, listen to the advice from your fellow students on how to have fun without having a significant other.

“Third wheel your parents or babysit your younger siblings,” sophomore Parker Standard said. “Hang out with your single friends.”

However, it does not have to be just a friend group.

“Hang out with your family,” sophomore Rachael Carter said.

If you cannot meet with other people in person, try to see if you can talk with them online.

“[I] skype my best friends,” junior Taylor Roots said.

Playing games can be good to cure your boredom.

“[I play] Fortnite with the boys,” senior Alex Wu said.

If hanging out with others is not your style, consider taking the day off and just relax.

“[I will] probably lay in bed, watch a movie and drink some coffee,” sophomore Julie Katrechko said. “Or maybe go to work with the guy I like.”