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Image depicting what Africa might look like after the split.

Africa splitting in two

Chris Restivo, Staff Writer March 8, 2023

A 37-mile long crack has developed along the east African Rift in Afar, Ethiopia. Scientists say the continent will split into two sections, creating a new ocean in five to 10 million years. The crack...

Suspected Chinese surveillance balloon being shot down off the coast of South Carolina.

Chinese Surveillance Balloon

Andrew Perry, Sports Editor February 27, 2023

On Friday, Feb. 3, a balloon was spotted off the coast of the Carolinas, and many Americans wondered what it could have been. The balloon caused hysteria within the U.S. and sparked fear in the military...

Lockheed Martin M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS).

Long range missiles to be sent to Ukraine

Chris Restivo, Staff Writer February 17, 2023

On Feb. 3, the Department of Defense announced a $2.2 billion aid package to Ukraine. This package would contain a variety of air defense systems, as well as missiles that would double Ukraine’s attack...

People digging through the rubble to find loved ones following an earthquake.

Turkey earthquake devastates thousands

Emmett Leedy, Utility Editor February 17, 2023

On Feb. 6, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale hit Turkey and parts of Syria, killing at least 11,000 people. Tens of thousands more were injured after tremors reaching a 7.5 magnitude...

Memorial for Tyre Nichols adorned with a photo of Nichols as well as flowers and candles in remembrance.

The death of Tyre Nichols

Lily Harrison, News Editor February 9, 2023

On Jan. 7, what was meant to be a peaceful traffic stop abruptly ended in the hospitalization and the death of civilian Tyre Nichols after a beating from the hands of seven police officers.  “This...

Lisa Loring as Wednesday Addams on the set of “The Addams Family.”

Lisa Loring dead at 64

Emmett Leedy, Utility Editor February 8, 2023

Lisa Loring, born in Hawaii before moving to Los Angeles, was best known for acting as Wednesday Addams in the original TV series “The Addams Family.”  Loring started her acting career in 1964 at...

Elvis Presley with his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.

Here today, gone tomorrow

Emmett Leedy, Utility Editor February 2, 2023

The world went silent on Jan. 12 when great star Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley, passed away.  Lisa Marie Presley was born to parents Elvis and Priscilla Presley in 1968. Born and raised...

A sign within a tree protesting the cutting down of Atlanta forests.


Lily Harrison, News Editor January 30, 2023

In light of recent events, many protests have spanned the city of Atlanta, Georgia in connection with the future build of what is now being named “Cop City.” These protests have led to the death of...

Photo of Thunberg speaking at a different Switzerland protest over the introduction of a railway through the city.

Greta Thunberg detained

Lily Harrison, News Editor January 24, 2023

On Jan. 17, well known climate change and political activist Great Thunberg (20) was detained and quickly released during a German mine protest.  Thunberg, who is well known for being a climate change...

UC academic workers on strike for better work conditions at UC Berkeley.

UC protests in their second month

Marissa Laucirica, News Editor January 17, 2023

Background:  On Nov. 14, teaching assistants, researchers, and other academic employees started their walkout across 10 University of California (UC) campuses.  Academic workers hold a vital role...

6’9 Britney Griner during the Minnesota Lynx vs Phoenix Mercury game on July 14, 2019.

Prison swap sparks controversies

Marissa Laucirica, News Editor December 20, 2022

Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) player Britney Griner was detained on Feb. 17 at the Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport when Russian authorities found vape canisters containing cannabis oil in...

Van Goghs painting has been vandalized in a activist climate protest.

Van Gogh painting vandalized

Bella Bertoni, Staff Writer December 19, 2022

On Oct. 14, 2022, at the National Art Gallery in London, two climate protesters went to throw tomato soup at Vincent van Gogh's famous painting “Sunflowers” to protest the extraction and use of fossil...

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