“Ghost Files” is here just as Spooky Season begins

Following Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej as they return for a new paranormal investigation series.


Wikimedia Commons

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky where Begara and Madej made their return for the first episode.

Zoey Bowers, Features Editor

On Sept. 23, the premiere of the new incredibly well-executed series, “Ghost Files” created by Ryan Bergara, was released partnering with Watcher.

“After one long year, @shanemadej and I have returned with a brand new series that I’m so very proud of,” Begara said in a tweet as the first episode dropped. 

Internet co-stars Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej are returning to their paranormal adventures together since the finale of their series on the “Buzzfeed Unsolved Network” YouTube Channel. The series had ended at the end of 2021 after running for five consecutive years. 

The channel consists of two different categories, “Buzzfeed Unsolved: True Crime” and “Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural”, which both had a variety of cases that were never considered solved. Each episode was within a span of 20-4o minutes and delved into the pits of the murder or paranormal situation, suspects, witnesses, and even pitched in their own theories. 

They also went to many of the locations so they could investigate on their own, which is the primary focus of  “Ghost Files”. What also makes the new series different, is the two of them bringing new tools and devices to investigate with, such as the Honeytone, which connects to spirit boxes, the REM-Pod, and the Ovilus.

While the two covered serious and deep topics, they had such great chemistry and were able to bounce off each other to create a huge comedic relief.

Such chemistry is also featured in their separate series “Too Many Spirits”. The series still has supernatural themes to it, however it’s more focused on fans’ experiences while also incorporating a drinking game.

Similar to those previous series, “Ghost Files” was created by Bergara. He has had such passion for spirit investigations as he is a firm believer of the paranormal. Madej, however, doesn’t believe in ghosts, which does not affect his curiosity in discovering haunted locations and finding evidence.

Bergara and Madej first announced the new series in 2021 and have been giving fans bits of information as time went on. They posted sneak peaks including guests they will be having on the show, like paranormal-loving YouTuber, Garrett Watts.

The first glimpse of the show was released July 12, 2022, and the first official teaser trailer was first put out Sept. 16 on the Watcher channel. 

The first episode is titled “The Death Tunnel of Waverly Hills” which is a location the two have previously visited in 2017. The nearly hour-long episode included searching for activity on the third and the fifth floor as well as the 500-foot long body chute. They both also were tasked with exploring the entire location individually. 

The episode also includes clips sent in from fans sharing their experiences at the location, as well as evidence they were able to catch. 

On Sept. 28, the channel put out a half-an-hour debrief regarding their first episode, as well as a small Q&A. 

In the video, Bergard and Madej went over the evidence they captured on their devices at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium location, such as responses and humming. They went over things they missed while they were actually there, as well as footage that wasn’t included in the episode.  

Episodes are set to be released every Friday discussing and visiting different horrific locations.

“Ghost Files” is also going on tour to the following cities: Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis. This gives fans a chance to collectively watch the first couple premiers together in a theater. 

The second episode is out as of Sept. 30, titled “The Ghostly Prisoners of Alcatraz.”

As of right now it’s unknown how many consecutive weeks new episodes will be released, but for now fans can enjoy all the new material Bergara, Madej, and the team are putting out on YouTube. 

“It’s been a long year since the Big Guy and I donned the Ghoul Boots…I hope you’ll love it as much as we do over here at Watcher HQ,” Bergara said in an Instagram post.