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Articles for Horror: “Leprechaun In the Hood”

A review and plot summary of the 2000 movie “Leprechaun In the Hood.” This article contains spoilers!
Movie poster for the 2000 movie “Leprechaun In The Hood.”
Movie poster for the 2000 movie “Leprechaun In The Hood.”

Who is Leprechaun?

Lubdan, also known as Leprechaun, was the main antagonist of the comedy-horror movie “Leprechaun” and its film series. He was a leprechaun who hunted down anyone who stole his gold.

Lubdan was a leprechaun in Ireland at the time of King Sigtrygg Silkbeard in 994 CE. The King searched endlessly for magic and power, summoning all magical creatures to him. The leprechaun came and gave him magic, but demanded the King’s gold. The King gave him his gold, and the leprechaun treasured it. The leprechaun gave the King multiple magic powers, but the King eventually died, leading the Leprechaun and all of the other fairies to return to the woods. 

The Leprechaun was one of the many fairies and creatures hired by the king in the past to protect his gold and massacre whoever had the guts to take some. 

What was “Leprechaun In the Hood?”

Sometime in the 1970s, treasure seekers Mack Daddy O’Nassas and Slug break into a small room inside a nightclub. The two come across a trove of gold guarded by a statue of a petrified Leprechaun. Mack Daddy only presents interest in a magical flute, rumored to hypnotize listeners into a trance that has them fall under the control of the player.

Slug continued to collect the rest of the gold before removing an amulet from around the Leprechaun’s neck, unfreezing him from his trapped state. The Leprechaun immediately gets to work recovering his gold by killing Slug and setting his sights on Mack Daddy for the flute. Mack Daddy outplays the Leprechaun by securing the amulet back around his neck, re-freezing him.

Fast forward to modern-day Los Angeles, California: Mack Daddy used the wealth of the gold and the power of the flute to skyrocket in the hip-hop industry, earning him the title of a famous record producer and pimp. Three vengeful, aspiring rappers Postmaster P., Stray Bullet, and Butch, plan to rob Mack Daddy of his riches by breaking into his office after Mack Daddy refuses to sign them onto his record label and instead, insults them.

Unexpectedly, Mack Daddy walks in on the robbery, scaring Postmaster P., who then shoots and presumably kills Mack Daddy. Butch removes the amulet from around the Leprechaun’s neck which Mack Daddy kept in his office to keep a close eye on it. The Leprechaun jumps to life and orders the three to return his gold. Confused, the three fire at the Leprechaun in sequence before fleeing. Mack Daddy is revealed to have been spared by the golden medallion he was wearing around his neck, also escaping when he discovers Leprechaun is alive.

Mack Daddy arrives at the Golden Parrot, a local bar, where he is faced in the restroom by Leprechaun. The leprechaun severs his finger before Mack Daddy escapes. Leprechaun then kills a bartender before hypnotizing three waitresses into becoming his “Zombie Fly Girls,” who are recruited to do the Leprechaun’s sinful bidding.

After killing Reverend Hanson, Jackie Dee, Chow, and their friend Fontaine, the leprechaun catches up to the three friends at the hip-hop contest they entered to win a chance to go to Las Vegas and earn a shot at a record label. The Leprechaun hypnotizes Stray Bullet into pointing his gun at Butch’s head, threatening to kill him if the flute isn’t returned to him. Postmaster P. reluctantly complies but then charges the Leprechaun, only for the Leprechaun to force Stray Bullet to shoot himself in the head while Postmaster P. and Butch watch in horror.

Later, Butch visits Postmaster P. at his grandma’s house and convinces him to use a joint laced with four-leaf clovers to strip the leprechaun of his powers to steal back the flute and use it to find success in Las Vegas.

Postmaster P. and Butch, disguised in drag, visit the club in which Leprechaun has taken up residence. Postmaster P. breaks Leprechaun’s spell on the Zombie Fly Girls by having them smoke one of the clover joints to find the leprechaun. The duo then goes upstairs to find Leprechaun, who wants the dressed-up Postmaster P. to chill with him, where he hands Leprechaun a joint and watches as he smokes the clover joint and passes out. After they confirm he’s passed out, the boys take the flute and head downstairs to escape, only to be intercepted by Mack Daddy, who shoots Butch. Postmaster P. shoots Mack Daddy three times, presumingly killing him. Leprechaun comes downstairs and uses magic to pin Postmaster P. against a beam. Postmaster P. distracts the leprechaun, allowing the bullet-ridden Mack Daddy to hit the Leprechaun with a wooden chair, and with the last of his strength, Mack Daddy throws the magic amulet in the air.

Sometime later, Postmaster P. is now a successful rapper. However, when he removes his sunglasses, it’s shown that his irises are neon green, which indicates that he is under the leprechaun’s spell, who is now his manager. Leprechaun then tells the audience that he taught Postmaster P. everything he knows, before rapping about being an evil leprechaun.

My Review

This movie is beyond stupid. It’s so stupid that it bleeds over into being an amazing masterpiece that perfectly portrays the early 2000s era of movies.  After watching all of the other movies in the franchise, this one is the best. It’s also so scary, mostly because I’m afraid of short people. The franchise really redeemed themselves after “Leprechaun 4: In Space.”

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