The Coming of the Stone Wars

The upcoming arrival of the second season of popular anime “Dr. Stone”


Riichiro Inagaki, TMS Entertainment Co., Yuichiro Kido, and Shinya Iino

A poster to promote the famous anime “Dr. Stone.”

Marika Alexander, Staff Writer

The second season of “Dr. Stone,” one of the most popular anime shows of 2019, recently released its upcoming trailer and release date for the second season. The awaited release of its next arc, the Stone Wars, plans to premiere on January 14, 2021.

“Dr. Stone” is a show that follows a science genius named Senku and his journey to unpetrify everyone in the world that was turned to stone. The story jumps over 3,700 years into the future, where Senku finds himself as the only human from the past that has been unpetrified. 

From then on, he swears that he will save everyone from unpertfirication and jump the stone age present they are in now, back to the scientific world of the past. With many obstacles to overcome, Senku strives with the help of his friends to revive the stone world they are in now through science.

This anime was a hit show when it premiered last year and many can’t wait for the release of the new season. Personally, I loved this show very much. Despite it covering very hard science topics that are difficult to understand, I actually learned a lot about science while watching this show. It was comedic, surprisingly educational, and overall just a fun show to watch in general. I would give this show a 9/10 rating because of the fun characters, interesting plot, and the different ideologies that put the protagonist and the antagonist against each other.

Like many other fans, I’m counting down the days till the release of this awaited second season. I’m predicting that the kingdom of science will prevail over the kingdom of might in an unbelievable way with the stone age that they are in.

Popular anime streaming surfaces like Funimation and Crunchyroll will be streaming the second season and have the first season for people interested in watching this show.