Dazzling with ConfiDANCE

Dance students showcase the skills they learned during the end of year dance show

Part One

On December 11 and 12, the Dance 1 students and TA’s performed in the first set of dance shows of this school year.

The Dance 1 students and TA’s dazzled in the opening dance, captivating the crowd from the beginning.

“My favorite parts about the dance show were getting closer to everyone in Dance and the opening dance, because it was the first performance we showed to the crowd,” sophomore Dance 1 student Joy O’Donnell said.

Students performed to positive and upbeat songs like “You Bring Me Joy” by The Guest and The Host, as well as sad, slow songs like “I Heard You’re Sleeping Alone” by Sara Cruz.

The crowd cheered loudly for all of the dances, especially the Minions dance choreographed by Ms. Caruso. The audience members laughed and had endless smiles from being so entertained.

“My favorite dance was Minions, because it had a lot of energy since everyone was having so much fun,” senior Dance 1 student Trent Leland said.

Another particular dance that the crowd loved was Faith, which was Roaring Twenties-themed, and featured flapper girls and boys in fedoras. This dance had one of the loudest cheers after its conclusion. 

The final highlight of the night was the last dance of the night, which was called TikTok Special and featured all of the male students in the Dance 1 classes.  The crowd enjoyed the hilarity of the different components, including an appearance by Ms. Caruso.

“The greatest factors in the show going so well were that as a dance family, we all learned how to work well together, like a well-run machine. During the dances, facials, confidence, and practice were very important, but none of this would have been possible without the love and support of friends and family.””

— freshman Dance 1 student Avenir Marchenko

Part Two

On December 13 and 14, the Dance 2, 3, and 4 classes performed their dances. Many of the songs that were performed were about love, gaining confidence, or lack of confidence in order to show that dance can be a form of expressing one’s emotions.

Like Part One, the second set of dance shows each began by engaging the audience right away by showcasing the enthralling skills that dancers learned this past semester.

One of the biggest highlights of the night was the performance done by the Dance 4 class called H.E.L.P. (Healing Emotional Life Problems). It was about the common detrimental effects of mental health and how they affect many students on a daily basis.

Along with the mental health performance, the students in Dance 4 posted short notes under each seat for audience members to read after they finished their dance in order to bring smiles to all faces.

“I think the mental health performance was important because we brought attention to the world of mental illness that’s never really talked about,” senior Dance 4 student Rayna Amundson said. “It was nice to be able to give a voice to those with mental illness through our movements and words.”

The senior solos throughout the night allowed many seniors to showcase their various emotions and talents, including an Irish dancing solo from Keva Bredek, which resulted in a series of loud clapping and cheers.

“I decided to showcase Irish dancing for my senior solo because it’s my number one passion. When I was given the opportunity to do a solo, I wanted to be able to share what I love most with everyone.””

— senior Keva Bredek

One of the most emphasized aspects of the show was that dance is a way for many students to express their feelings and deal with their emotions. The directors of the show wanted to express that dance is a way to heal both mentally and physically.

“The dance show was important because it gave kids a chance to show who they are through music and dance,” junior Dance 2 student Nicole D’Amico said. “The audience really got to see the different aspects of dance and what people can do when they work hard with each other.”