Baby Yoda

Who is this new little creature taking over the internet?

When Disney Plus was released on November 12, 2019, a show called The Mandalorian was released that was immediately watched by many of the subscribers. In this show, there is a new little creature that has been winning over viewers hearts—Baby Yoda.

Disney hasn’t come forward saying that it actually is Yoda yet, leaving fans to figure out who and where did this cute “Baby Yoda” came from.

“It can’t Baby Yoda because the timeline takes place six years after,” sophomore Jake Santiago said. “Yoda died after episode six so it doesn’t make sense. I haven’t taken thought about who he is, but it has to be one of his species.” 

Baby Yoda has also become an absolute phenomenon across the internet with memes littered all over social media about him.

“I see Baby Yoda memes all the time when I scroll through social media,” junior Jesse Hall said. “I don’t have any personal favorites but they’re all really funny. I don’t watch The Mandalorian, but Baby Yoda would definitely make me want to watch it.” 

Disney has not hesitated to profit off the success of Baby Yoda. They have made lots of merchandise that is available to pre-order. However, the merchandise won’t be released until April.

“I most definitely want to own some sort of Baby Yoda merchandise,” junior Dylan Williams said. “I watch the show and I would love to represent Baby Yoda. Owning something from him would definitely make my world a better place.” 

Baby Yoda’s cuteness has taken the internet by storm and does not seem to be slowing down.