The professional drama family

How the Drama Company’s relationship resembles a family

Members of the company showing off their closeness for the camera

Courtesy of Kiana Pine

Members of the company showing off their closeness for the camera

Oakmont’s professional drama company shares how their relationship between each other has become like a family during their time together.

“Especially during tech week and close to the performances, we butt heads a lot because we’re just overworked and stressed,” sophomore Jack Earnest said.

Most, if not all of us, have experienced times within our home and family lives where tensions and irritability become high. There are many causes, like financial struggles between parents, maybe just casual arguments over what should be tonight’s supper. Or, just as the drama family experiences, stress and exhaustion can be major underlying reasons.

When it comes to helping relieve stress within the family, there is nothing that the drama students will not do to help, or at the very least, attempt to help, just as our normal families would.

“There are moments in all of our lives when we are stressed out with other school things, with drama things, and everyone’s always so supportive and willing to help in virtually any way they can,” junior Tarynn Speck said.

The bond between the drama company’s members is strong, there is nothing they would not do to show full support for each other. But how exactly does the company maintain such a strong bond?

“We have bonding days,” sophomore Hajar Bouchaib-Pacatang said. “Last bonding day we had, we went to Mel’s and it was super fun. To be honest I feel like just any time we’re together is a bonding experience.”

Similarly to the drama company’s family, our families may take time to bond with us as well. Whether it be taking us to a weekend in Disneyland, or maybe something a little more simple, like taking us out to dinner. Even just staying at home and being together strengthens our bonds with our families, just as Pacatang says with the drama family.

“We really are able to establish a strong sense of respect and trust with one another, so that way we can confide in each other easier than you would with normal peers or students,” senior Kiana Pine said.

Most families share a pretty great deal of confidence and trust within each other. It may just be safe to say that the drama company goes beyond that level of trust within a normal family.

“With them it’s like I come here feeling like I’m walking into my house,” Pine said. “That company makes me feel like I have a home here and I love them.”