Self checkout over regular checkout?

Why students are using a different method of checking out at stores

The new epidemic for people of all ages, especially teenagers, is self checkout at stores. Many stores have been installing these after noticing that many people prefer to just scan their items by themselves. 

Personally, I like going to self checkout, because it causes less anxiety within me. With my anxiety, I tend to be more scared of talking to strangers, even if the conversation only consists of the typical “How is your day today?” As a teenager, I have found that many people my age will go to these for more reasons than just one.

The more I talk to my friends about this kind of thing, the more I observe about how they do not even like calling companies and talking to them on the phone because it is either: stressful, annoying, or it increases the anxiety that stems from simply holding a conversation. 

I have noticed that many young adults have been suffering from the symptoms of anxiety, more so than they used to be. As we grow older, there have been many studies in which the anxiety levels in the younger generations have been rising. A new study provided by CBS News “found the percentage of teens and young adults with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues has increased sharply over the past decade.”

The dramatic increase in mental health issues has caused for changes to be made, even in stores. More and more people continue to choose self checkout over traditional checkout, for it does not put as much stress and pressure on them. 

I love self checkout because for me, it goes so much faster and I do not have to worry about striking up the small awkward conversation while they bag up my items.