A New Face

Oakmont’s new counseling assistant conveys excitement for new career

Lizbeth Angelina De La Cruz, preferably Ms. Liz, is the new Assistant Counselor at Oakmont, whose office is located in front of Mr. Lee and Mrs. Coiner-Lacoste’s offices.

She just recently graduated from UC Santa Cruz, having studied cognitive science.

“I wanted to do more science stuff, but I also like non-science stuff,” Ms. Liz said. “So [with] cognitive science, I was able to do psychology and do science-related stuff, so it was a perfect mix for me.”

Ms. Liz really wanted to work with students and wanted to get more experience working in high school, so she thought working at Oakmont would be the best place to jump start her career.

“I’m excited to learn more,” Ms. Liz said. “I’m excited to get used to it, because it’s new to me working with high-schoolers, but I’m mostly excited to get to know you guys.”

Ms. Liz is very excited to work at our school. She cannot wait to meet everyone here.

“I grew up here in Citrus Heights, like super local and then I moved out and came back,” Ms. Liz said.

Ms. Liz can help with making sure you get the help you need and organizes all counselor appointments. 

Come say hello!