Believe & Achieve

Multiple-sport athlete balances sports and academics.


Henderson, Ciaran

Junior Emma Hirsch balances her time with advanced classes while playing on the varsity volleyball team and track team.

“Before volleyball, I’ll try to get most of my homework done, and then come home, and then finish my homework,” Hirsch said.

Hirsch has played volleyball since the sixth grade.

“I’m excited to see the team come together, because we have new people on the team and we have a new coach,” Hirsch said. “We have really good individual talent.”

Hirsch is coming off of nearly a year of not playing volleyball, making this season more special and more exciting. It also allows her to refresh her skills and improve.

“My favorite part [about this season] is I didn’t play club volleyball this year,” Hirsch said. “Even [after] taking a year off, my skills have improved.”

Hirsch puts in hard work and dedication in order to balance her AP and IB classes with volleyball. 

“Once the team comes together and we figure out how to play together with the new coaching style, I think we can do greater things,” Hirsch said.