Q&A with Senior Sydney Shotts

Senior Sydney Shotts goes one-on-one to talk about her future as a psychiatrist.

Q&A with Senior Sydney Shotts

Emily Rojas // Norse Notes

What are you passionate about?

Sydney Shotts: I am very passionate about college.

Why are you passionate about it?

SS: College is going to open up my choices for the future.

Do you know what college you’re going to be attending?

SS: I will be attending the The University of Oregon.

Do you know what you want to study?

SS: Yes, I want to study psychology.

What kind of job do you want?

SS: I want to be a psychiatrist.

What are your plans after college?

SS: I want to get my medical degree after my undergrad, do my residency in a hospital for four years, obtain my licence, and then become board certified.