The Survivor of a Tumor


Ibrahim Arif // Norse Notes

Michael Santos smiling for the camera.

Sophomore Michael Santos has a deep attraction to sports. But on May 13, 2016, Michael Santos’ life took a turn for the worst.

¨I was diagnosed with a brain tumor,” Santos said. “It was a special case,¨

The doctors told Santos that they needed to remove the tumor immediately to avoid it from growing. So soon after Michael found this out, he had surgery.

¨Fortunately the surgery was a success, and I was able to recover in two months,¨ Santos said.

With his brain tumor gone, Michael is able to do the things he loves again, such as playing baseball for Oakmont. In the future, he wants to be able to choose a career he loves.

¨When I’m older I would like to become a fireman,¨ Santos said.