Black Friday tips

Kyra Barnhard, Staff Writer

Black Friday is a holiday known for its low prices and crazy shoppers. With a small amount of time to shop, lots of deals, and people in a frenzy, here are some Black Friday tips:

  1. Sign Up For Store Emails — This will allow you to get better deals on top of Black Friday prices.
  2. Rank Your Shopping List — When you prioritize the items you want the most, it will make shopping more efficient.
  3. Shop with Another Person — This not only helps create a more exciting shopping experience, but also creates opportunities to split up and get what you each need. For example, if you and your companion want items on the opposite side of the store, but you have one item on your friend’s side, then they can get it for you.
  4. Check Prices Ahead of Time — This way you know how much you are actually saving. Additionally, sometimes prices are low on the Wednesday before the big sale, so if you see something already on sale, you can go ahead and buy it.
  5. Don’t Wear Red — If you are going to Target, do not wear a red shirt, you might be mistaken for an employee.
  6. Plan Your Trip — You should plan ahead of time which stores you want to go to. This aids the trip by making everything go smoother.
  7. Leave Your House Early — There are a lot of stores that open up before Friday, at midnight, so check to see if your destinations open up earlier. For example, Target opens at 5:00 p.m, Thursday, so be sure sure to be their on time.
  8. Check Online Prices — Occasionally, prices are lower online than the in store sale. Also keep in mind that items will go on sale on Cyber Monday as well, however, keep in mind shipping prices will raise the cost.
  9. Keep A Budget — Keeping a budget will help you plan on how much you want to spend, so you avoid spending too much money.
  10. Not Everything is at its Lowest Price — It is important to keep in mind that some items will go on sale even more later on in the month or as it gets closer to Christmas. For example, on Black Friday an item might be on sale for 25% off, but it may increase to 40% off later.
  11. Gift Receipts and Return Policy — You need to be aware of a store’s policy so you can avoid being ripped off in case you need to return an item. Furthermore, always ask for gift receipts if you are buying for someone else.

Now with these tips in mind, good luck with your shopping!