Halloween show overview


The cast of House Hunters: Supernatural. The Alans family – From left to right: Alex Tweed (11), Issac Munoz (12), Sierra Reynolds (12), Maddy Hexom (12), Frankie Daniel (12), Noel Jensen (12)

Kaitlyn Edwards, Staff Writer

On Halloween, our professional drama class performed the annual Halloween show, called House Hunters: Supernatural, in the theater to bring out Halloween spirit to students and teachers.

“I’m a scaredy cat, so I thought the play was scary, but it was good,” freshman Samantha Landaeta said.

Throughout the entire show, actors dressed as frightening nuns, witches, and zombies. They went between the seats to try and frighten audience members. These tactics worked — resulting in the members screaming and shrieking.

“I think it was more funny than scary because that one grandma came out screaming every time it got somewhat scary,” freshman Anthony Korsen said.

The beginning of the play introduces the Alans family, who want a house that has six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and six additional rooms.  The criteria for their new home is oddly specific, so their realtor, Sunny, shows them three houses that they later find out are haunted.

“This was the most ensemble show we’ve had so far,” senior actor Frankie Daniel said. “Usually in the Halloween show, there’s only one ensemble piece at the end to scare the audience, but this one had multiple scenes with ensemble work.”

In the first house, there are restless spirits that come alive while the Alans are in the house because the family has been too loud.  The Alans are tormented until the grandma saves them by using a box that gets rid of the spirits.

“My favorite part of the show was the ghost scene because Topaz jumps on me,” senior actor Maddy Hexom said. “He wasn’t supposed to do that.”

The second house is an old convent, where the nuns that once resided there, haunt the people who enter.  The son is abducted by the nuns while they are telling the Alans to leave the house, and let them be in peace.  He is eventually returned, and continues to relish in the pleasure he got from the experience.“My favorite part of the show was at the end when Sunny is killed and screams,” sophomore actor Jena Cheney said.

To conclude the show, Sunny is killed by the witches that are supposed to be from Macbeth in the third house.  House Hunters: Supernatural was written to include a snippet of Macbeth, which is a Shakespeare play that seniors learn about in their English class.

“I like how real the characters were and how the roles were played really well,” senior Emily Soares said. “They were serious about it. I could tell they were really professionals.”