Go after your goals

Jascha Molina, Staff Writer & Editor

The girls soccer team is currently training hard for the upcoming season. The team has moved up their place in league this year, which brings out a fresh start and opens many new opportunities for them.

“We have a new league and a large group of seniors who I’ve worked with in the last four years. I’m looking forward to what we can do this season,” head coach Stephanie Paulsen said.

One of the major goals the team is looking forward to pursue this upcoming season is making it to playoffs and breaking their previous record of 3-9-2 in league. With the numerous amount of seniors this season, the seniors are willing to help take action in leading the team and serve as inspiring role models towards underclassmen. In addition, coach Paulsen believes she can help support the girls on and off the field and help them gain confidence on their skills. Creating strong connections and building relationships is a key component to capture motivation and reach their goal of getting into playoffs.

“I will have integrity, do my best, and encourage others to do their best to display leadership on the field,” senior Grace Myles said.

The girls will move forward in targeting their goal by staying focused and intensely training in practice for a better outcome in performance and game play. Each player has their roles and responsibilities that help create a powerful, stable team. These roles include positions such as forward, defensive midfielder, or goalkeeper. With their strong group cohesiveness and dedication, they push each other to work hard while also remembering to have fun and enjoy the game no matter the situation.

“What makes me gain motivation is being part of the team atmosphere and drive to win games. We are a young team with good work ethic and good talent,” senior Ashley Mendenhall said.