Teacher’s odd jobs

Kyra Barnhard , Staff Writer

Mr. Nugent used to work as a bellhop at a hotel.

Mrs. Dobon-Claveau worked in a funeral home as a receptionist in grad school.

Mr. Smith taught English in Japan for a company.

Mrs. Strawn worked at a tattoo shop for two years because she was close friends with the owner’s daughter.

Mr. Wurden worked as an intern for Los Alamosa Newton Super Collider Experiment, which involved a particle accelerator. He took it because it had good pay and was a good learning experience.

Mrs. Geluk worked as a Christmas tree saleswoman when she saw that positions were open and she wanted some extra spending money.

Mr. Holliday works as a driving instructor because he thought it would be easy. However, as he began working, he soon found it to be challenging.

Mrs. Carmon worked at a professional bike shop in college, where she was the first girl to ever work in the store. A friend knew she enjoyed biking, so they recommended the job to her.

Mr. Polli worked at Jack in the Box as a cook and occasionally worked the register. He also hauled wheelbarrows of cement during high school.

Ms. Bettencourt worked as a florist at a grocery store.

Mr. Muller was a field research assistant for Tri-Valley Growers, where he would sometimes be waist deep in tomatoes.