Cross country runners’ bags


Kyra Barnhard , Staff Writer

When you were on your way home from school, you may have seen the cross country runners’ bags outside on the grass between the parking lot and street while they practice. Well, this is why…

“[It is] convenient because [it is] right where we assemble for practice and some students may not have cars to put them in and the athletic lockers that we have for cross country [are not] big enough to fit a whole backpack in,” senior Andrew Beevers said.

The bags are left out because the locker room is sometimes locked up at the end of their practice and they cannot get their belongings. If students have valuable items that they do not want stolen, they can leave their items in the coach’s room.

“[It is] just better for when we finish our workout so that… everything is right there for us to grab… so right after practice we can just leave whenever our parents show up,” junior Pippa Weber said.

After practice, some runners would rather have their stuff closer, making it easier for them to access stuff like water. Typically, there is a person who is watching over the runners’ items like an injured player or an adult. However, there have been a few incidents with people losing their belongings. When this happens, the best thing to do is see if you simply misplaced it. If not, you can ask around to check if anybody has seen your belonging(s) or check the office or locker room’s lost and found.

“… If you do leave your backpacks out… [do not] leave anything super valuable that can be stolen… make sure to lock up those things,” Beevers said.