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Trends and fads through the years

Freshman through senior year trends for the Class of 2024.
Trends and fads of the Class of 2024.

Trends and fads of the Class of 2024. PC: PIX4FREE

As our seniors enter their final semester at Oakmont, it’s time to take a look back at the trends and fads that defined the last four years of high school.

Freshman year – Fall semester

Fall 2020

  • Online school memes
    • Perhaps the most memorable of all, school shutting down led to an abundance of Zoom-related memes 
  • “M to the B” by Millie B
    • A video of ex-Navy SEAL Bella Poarch lip syncing to the song “M to the B” became the most liked TikTok ever, garnering 63.5 million likes. Her video spawned a trend that seemingly took over the TikTok For You page for weeks
  • Fall Guys
    • In August and September, Fall Guys became one of the most played games of 2020 – before a steep decline in players in October
  • Line filter
    • On TikTok, a “line filter” that created a growing freeze frame led to funny faces and alien-like creatures
  • Among Us
    • Perhaps the most infamous trend, Among Us was released. Memes surrounding the game wouldn’t quite become ironic until 2021; nonetheless, the game was inescapable
  • “Oh No”
    • This viral sound was used with a video of something going wrong, paired with a freeze frame right at the climax of the mishap
  • The 2020 election
    • Joe Biden’s iconic line, “Come on, man!” spawned during one of the presidential debates
    • Memes surrounding Biden’s age and the incumbent Trump became popular during this time
    • Following a Biden win, Kamala Harris’ line “We did it Joe!” trended
  • Dream SMP
    • The Dream SMP, a Minecraft server, hosted by popular YouTuber Dream, broke Twitch records around the world and created an infamously loyal fanbase known as “Dream stans”
  • “WAP” by Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion
    • “WAP” remixes were a huge trend on TikTok, alongside a dance that even legendary comedian Jack Black recreated
  • Top songs 
    • “WAP” by Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion, “Supalonely” by BENEE & Gus Dapperton, “Roses” by SAINt JHN, “Dynamite” by BTS, “Savage Love” by Jason Derulo, and “Roxanne” by Arizona Zervas

Freshman year – spring semester

Spring 2021

  • “Amogus” meme
    • Among Us memes reached a point of irony, spawning the “amogus” meme often paired with the Imposter theme song
    • People began likening the Among Us characters to real-life objects, stating: “Get out of my head!”
  • “SugarCrash!” by ElyOtto
    • “SugarCrash!” took social media by storm
    • TikTok creator Nick Luciano lip synced to the track, creating a new most liked TikTok
  • “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo
    • The song initially went viral through a remix with Billie Eillish’s “Ocean Eyes”
  • “Sheeeeeesh” 
    • The “Sheeeesh” meme spawned during this era, prompting people to say the line in a high-pitched voice
    • The line was paired with “bussin’ bussin’,” often in reference to tasty food
  • Bernie Sanders’ mittens
    • Following Biden’s inauguration at the beginning of the semester, an image of Bernie Sanders sitting with his infamous mittens became an instant meme
  • “The Backyardigans” songs
    • “We Are Castaways” was the top trending TikTok sound, even charting on Spotify
    • “Into The Thick Of It” also trended
  • Adult Swim 
    • Videos featured cleverly hidden [AS] logos alongside the song “Running Away (Is Easy)” by Vano 3000
  • DaBaby: “Let’s Go” meme
    • DaBaby’s line “Let’s Go” trended alongside an edit of his face as a convertible
  • “Luca”
    • Edits of the new Disney film Luca began trending, paired with ABBA’s song “Chiquitita” with the line “Silencio Bruno!”
    • This resulted in ABBA’s “Chiquitita” charting on Spotify
  • “Frenemies” end
    • The popular podcast “Frenemies,” hosted by Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas, ended after a dramatic fight
  • “Bo Burnham: INSIDE”
    • Bo Burnham’s new film, “INSIDE” released, resulting in songs such as “Bezos I” and “That Funny Feeling” trending on TikTok
  • “Arcade Craniacs”
    • The YouTube channel Arcade Craniacs began trending
    • A sound using the line from the channel: “Yo bro, who got you smilin’ like that?” trended on TikTok
  • Top songs
    •  “Kiss Me More” by Doja Cat and SZA, “Stay” by Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber, “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo

Sophomore year – Fall semester

Fall 2021

  • Devious Licks
    • Stealing everyday objects – especially school property – became a trend, paired with the line “devious licks”
  • “Oh no! Our table! It’s broken!”
    • A viral video of a boy breaking his table trended, sparking musical remixes
  • “Berries and Cream”
    • An old Starburst commercial with the line: “Berries and cream! I’m a little lad who loves berries and cream” went viral on TikTok
  • “Spider-Man: No Way Home”
    • Movie records were broken with the release of “Spider-Man: No Way Home”
    • A Spider-Man themed “Fortnite” season was paired with the film
  • “Donda” versus “Certified Lover Boy”
    • Drake and Kanye released their new albums around the same time, sparking infamous beef on the internet
    • While Drake’s album ultimately outsold Kanye’s, Kanye’s album received much more critical acclaim
  • “Squid Game” 
    • “Squid Game” trended on Netflix
    • This led to many people believing others “missed the point” of the show
  • The Rock song feature
    • The iconic line “It’s about drive, it’s about power” trended alongside The Rock’s feature on Tech N9ne’s “Face Off”
  • “Easy On Me” by Adele
    • This song blew up ahead of Adele’s new album, “30”
  • “Number One Victory Royale”
    • A “Fortnite” parody of “American Boy” by Estele and Kanye West trended
  • “Here Comes The Boy”
    • A video of a woman filming a cat is remixed with various instruments
  • “Yassification” trend
    • This saying was often paired with a beauty filter
  • Top Songs
    • “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals, “Way 2 Sexy” by Drake, “Easy On Me” by Adele

Sophomore year – Spring semester

Spring 2022

  • Will Smith slapped Chris Rock
    • At the Oscars, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock over a controversial joke, causing an onslaught of memes
  • “Doctor Strange and the Multiverse Of Madness”
    • This sparked the meme talking about “MY multiverse of madness”
  • “Little Miss” memes
    • A parody of the old books, “Little Miss,” was paired with widespread memes
  • “Hug Me” by Pharell
    • The song “Hug Me” by Pharell began trending, often paired with a clip of YouTuber Weston Koury dancing to the track next to his sister
  • “Stranger Things” Season Four
    • The highly anticipated fourth season of “Stranger Things” released at the end of the semester, sparking internet-wide trends
    • “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush and “Pass The Dutchie” by Musical Youth trended on Billboard 100
    • A remix called “Chrissy Wake Up” began to trend
  • New Minions movie
    • “Rich Minion” by Yeat was paired with a trend where friends showed up to the movie dressed in full formal suits
  • “My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle”
    • The sound was a remix of a Chicken Shop Date interview and was the #1 trending song on TikTok for months
  • Top songs
    •  “First Class” by Jack Harlow, “As It Was” by Harry Styles, “About Damn Time” by Lizzo, “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush

Junior year – Fall semester

Fall 2022

  • Dream face reveal
    • Popular YouTuber Dream trended when he finally revealed his face in a YouTube video
  • Andrew Tate
    • Andrew Tate became the most searched person on Google
    • His company, “Hustler’s University,” came under fire alongside his controversial comments
  • “It’s corn”
    • An interview of a child who loves corn was remixed into a viral TikTok song
  • “Forget” by Pogo
    • A Chinese actress dodging attacks from a man sparked a trend where people did slow gymnastics to Pogo’s “Forget”
  • The Queen died
    • Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a meme spread saying that Trisha Paytas’ baby was a reincarnation of the Queen
  • “Big Boy” by SZA
    • This comedic song from an SNL episode trended on TikTok, but was never officially released
  • CupcakKe remixes filled TikTok
    • Remixes featuring CupcakKe’s highly explicit adlibs flooded TikTok
  • Brendan Fraser and KeHuy Quan made comebacks at the Oscars
    • They won for performances in “The Whale” and “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” respectively
  • “Wednesday” 
    • Jenna Ortega blew up, gaining millions of followers overnight, as her show “Wednesday” broke records on Netflix
    • Ortega’s iconic dance, paired with a Lady Gaga song, went viral on and off the internet

Top songs

  • “Anti-Hero” by Taylor Swift, “Bad Habit” by Steve Lacy, “Judas” by Lady Gaga

Junior year – Spring semester

Spring 2023

  • “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” films announced
    • This sparked an early iteration of the “Barbie” versus “Oppenheimer” trend, due to their opposite themes and color palettes
  • The Grimace Shake from McDonald’s
    • On TikTok, a trend grew where the shake “kills” people
  • “Smooth Operator” by Sade and “Eyes Without A Face” by Billy Idol 
    • Top trending TikTok sounds
    • Slowed and sped up versions of the songs charted on Spotify
  • Beyonce sang in Dubai
    • Beyonce hit a legendary riff in her private Dubai show, sparking widespread trends
  • Ice Spice
    • Ice Spice blew up during this semester, launching her rap career
    • Her verse on “Boys A Liar Pt 2” went insanely viral
  • Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” began
    • The tour broke records, edging out Michael Jackson for world record sales
  • “Karma” remix
    • Ice Spice featured on a remix of Taylor Swift’s “Karma”
  • Oceangate
    • Several billionaires inside a submarine went to explore Titanic wreckage
    • They were later found to have died
  • “The Toxic Gossip Train” by Colleen Ballinger
    • Colleen Ballinger’s controversial apology video, featuring a ukulele and musical number, faced widespread backlash
  • Big Red Boots
    • A controversial fashion trend featuring huge red boots 
  • Nepo Babies
    • A TikTok trend arose, where many celebrities were accused of being famous due to nepotism
  • “Girl Dinner”
    • Irregular dinners were labeled as “girl dinners” on TikTok alongside a jingle
  • Top songs
    • “Kill Bill” by SZA, “Die For You (Remix)” by The Weeknd and Ariana Grande, “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus

Senior year – Fall semester

Fall 2023

  • Airplane freakout
    • A lady freaked out on a commercial flight, screaming: “That MF back there is not real!”
  • Skibidi Toilet
    • Labeled as Generation Alpha’s “first meme,” a trend created by YouTuber DaFuqBoom blew up
    • Animated toilets with heads, known as “Skibidi Toilets,” got extensive lore on YouTube
  • NPC trend on TikTok Live
    • TikTokers on Live pretended to be NPCs in exchange for donations
  • Trump mugshot
    • A mugshot of Donald Trump instantly turned into memes
  • Blue mushroom cat
    • A cat mixed with a blue mushroom trended to the song “We Live, We Love, We Die”
  • “Five Nights At Freddy’s”
    • As a result of the movie release, the star Josh Hutcherson trended in a 2014 edit of himself that acted like a Rick Roll
  • “Gyatt,” “Skibidi,” and “Rizzler” 
    • These Gen Alpha terms spawned the song with the popular lyric “sticking out your gyatt for the rizzler”
    • The term for these new phrases was coined as “brainrot”
  • Boston Cop Slide incident
    • A Boston cop slid down a slide at inexplicably high speeds
  • “Wonka” 
    • The film, starring Timothée Chalamet, trended at the end of the semester
  • Roman Empire trend
    • A trend of asking men: “how often do you think about the Roman Empire?” began
  • “Planet Of The Bass” by Kyle Gordon
    • A parody of old EuroPop songs went viral, eventually with a full music video and a performance at the Jonas Brothers concert
  • OG “Fortnite”
    • Trends such as “(Current picture) won’t be playing OG “Fortnite,” (old picture” will,” showed the nostalgia many associated with the release of the original “Fortnite”
  • Top songs
    • “Lovin On Me” by Jack Harlow, “Cruel Summer” by Taylor Swift, “First Person Shooter” by Drake, “Paint The Town Red” by Doja Cat
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