Lil Wayne ends his LA show in frustration

Wayne ends his show early due to a dead crowd.

Lil Wayne in San Francisco during the “Welcome to Tha Carter” tour.

Chris Restivo

Lil Wayne in San Francisco during the “Welcome to Tha Carter” tour.

Chris Restivo, Staff Writer

Rapper Lil Wayne left his Los Angeles show abruptly due to the low energy crowd.  His show was held in Wiltern in Koreatown. This was set to be the last show of his “Welcome to Tha Carter” tour.

The 40-year-old rapper hit the stage over an hour late, and after about 30 minutes with a guest appearance from 2 Chainz, the rapper walked off stage to take a break and three other Young Money artists took the stage.

The artists brought on stage were Allen Cubas, Lil Twist, and Yaj Kader. Cubas was set to be the last of the guest performers, but his performance was cut short by Wayne due to the low energy crowd.

A video posted to Twitter shows Lil Wayne, wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey, cutting the entire show short. Wayne walks on stage and turns to Cubas.

“We appreciate it, but we ain’t about to be bending over backward for these folks.” Wayne said. “We work too hard for this s—. We work way too hard.” 

The rapper then thanked the crowd for its time, before putting the microphone down and exiting the stage with his team. The crowd stayed behind for several minutes trying to cheer Wayne back on stage, but to no avail.

The show was reportedly sold out, and Wayne was selling a livestream of the event for $15. However, the livestream was canceled right before the concert.

Those who attended the concert would express their disappointment on Twitter.

“Lil Wayne needs to stay humble and appreciate the people who support him, canceling a show you were 3 hours late for because the crowd didn’t know your artist is insane.” One user said.

“Went to the lil wayne concert tonight.” Another user said, “We waited 3 hours for him. then it was lit it was cool then he brought out some of his new artists along with lil twist they was whack. Wayne got mad and canceled the show. I’m still in disbelief like he really did that. Smh.”