“Daisy Jones & The Six”

Amazon’s most recent show that’s sparking fans across the country.

Cover of the show depicting the main character and lead singer of “Daisy Jones & the Six.”

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Cover of the show depicting the main character and lead singer of “Daisy Jones & the Six.”

Lily Harrison, News Editor

Across most social media, the name of one band has been what people have been talking about these past few months. Although, “Daisy Jones & the Six” sounds like it could be the name of a new 70’s based band similar to the famous Fleetwood Mac, it is in fact the name of a new raging Amazon show that has spread like wildfire across the country.

The first episode of “Daisy Jones & the Six” premiered March 3, 2023. Starring the well known granddaughter of Elvis Presley, Riley Keough, as well as the “Hunger Games” actor Sam Clafin. Fans of the book written by Taylor Jenkins, were floored. 

Many new fans found themselves in love with the ambiance of the show itself, stating that the 70’s Laurel Canyon-esk fashion aesthetic was hit perfectly on the head with the show’s costumes.

Although many know of the 60’s-70’s rockstar lifestyle as almost infamous, “Daisy Jones & the Six” encompass it beautifully. Going as far as to delve into the hardships of addiction presented at this time and its effects. 

The plot itself is thought through, it leaves little room for holes with its focus centering around the illicit love affair between Keough and Calfin’s characters, Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne. Such an affair being sparked when the two enter into the same band and find themselves presented with numerous hardships, ending the show with such a bang that has left readers and watchers not only begging for more. It allows for the show’s band to create a real album and even possibly tour with it.

Delving deeper into the show, and the book itself, it’s easy to see the distinct connection between “Daisy Jones & the Six” and infamous 70’s band Fleetwood Mac. Taylor Jenkins explained in a recent interview that she had based the novel specifically on the relationship between lead singer Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, stating that while watching a Fleetwood Mac concert A.K.A the Dance specifically, she was entranced by the way Nicks had sang her song “Silver Springs” to Buckingham. 

“Stevie sung ‘Silver Springs,’ like a woman scorned, holding that microphone like a weapon, drilling holes into Lindsey’s head with her eyes as she sang that her voice would haunt him,” Jenkins wrote in 2019. “I understood that sometimes looking like you’re in love or in hate are things you ramp up a bit to make a good show. I also understood then what I could never have conceived of in 1997: Love makes no goddamn sense.”

The song “Silver Springs” Jenkins discusses, is directly inspired by a song presented in the show named “Regret Me” written by Daisy Jones after an argument between her and Billy Dunne. Jenkins went into depth about this and explained the song itself was the concept of a woman’s right to be angry ―  inspired by Nicks and her performance. 

Along with this, fans of the show found similarities between the song “Look At Us Now (Honeycomb)” and Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain.” Shown through the fact that both songs were those that threw the bands into the spotlight of the media. As well as that certain riffs played in each song are so similar it’s easy to forget one is listening to Daisy Jones & The Six and not an unreleased Fleetwood Mac chart topper.

Fans have picked up the show and the band with such fervor. The hashtag “Daisy Jones & The Six” on Tik Tok has more than 1.2B views and the book itself is said to have sold over a million copies. On spotify, the band has more than 3 million monthly listeners and has become a chart topper on iTunes as it has become the first fictional band to hit #1.

But this is no surprise, seeing as notable actress Reese Witherspoon and her book club helped set up the show itself and present it to the media as their book of March.

Overall, many fans across the country have found their love for the book transformed into a greater love for the show, finding solace in the fact that the creators of the show have done such a well loved book justice.