Ski Week

What Ski Week is, and what those at Oakmont are doing with the time.

People riding a ski lift at a mountain range.

Alexandra Luniel via Unsplash

People riding a ski lift at a mountain range.

Goji Diehl, Staff Writer

President’s Day has rapidly approached, and along with it has come Ski Week, which has taken place at Oakmont for the very first time.

What exactly is Ski Week though, and why are we getting a week off for it? 

Other than getting a break from school following President’s Day, Ski Week is meant to allow people the chance to go out skiing during prime season. 

“I did actually plan on going skiing,” Julia Whang, junior, said. “I [go to] ski at Tahoe Donner and at the Palisades resort”. 

While some of Oakmont’s staff and students plan on going out to ski, others have different plans for the given week off. 

“I won’t be skiing during the break,” Cody Holliday, a teacher on campus, said. “Instead, I’m running 62.2 miles in the Arizona desert… and then doing nothing [for] the rest of the week.” 

With the week off, it allows some to relax, as well as catch up on work that still needs to be completed. 

“I will be sleeping in and doing homework,” Kira Mason, junior, said. 

Despite Oakmont getting the short break from school, in order to group together the Mondays of which we would have had off, not many other schools had been given the week off. 

“My husband teaches in another district and does not have the week off… so I will not be going on vacation,” Kimberly Carroll, teacher of AP Psychology, said. 

Though Ski Week may be a new thing brought to Oakmont, our Vikings are excited for the countless possibilities available to them, whether it is going out to ski, or to just sit back and relax.