The Best Game of 2019: “DOOM Eternal”

The 2019 game still holds up to this day.

One of the first “DOOM” enemy’s new look.


One of the first “DOOM” enemy’s new look.

Isaac Logsdon, Sports Editor

“DOOM Eternal” has been considered one of the first ever first-person shooters to be added on computers. While it might be the oldest first-person shooter-style game, it still is relevant to this day, with the newest installment of “DOOM” named “DOOM Eternal.”

“DOOM” is about a Marine who fights demons on earth because the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) opened a portal from Hell to Mars. The Doomguy, being the main protagonist, went into the portal to fight demons and sealed the portal from Mars.

“DOOM” first came out in 1993 on Dec. 10, with the first game being a hit with 10 million people playing in two years. As the graphics got better, so did the games and the story line. Despite this, and while most people play video games just for the game, most people play “DOOM” for the soundtrack.

The soundtrack for “DOOM” was made by Mick Gorden. The soundtrack is based on the heavy metal genre. Most people think the “DOOM” soundtrack is so good, they make jokes about how a free game comes with a $60 soundtrack. Some of Mick Gordon’s best hits from “DOOM” were “Rip And Tear,” “At Doom’s Gate,” “BFG Division,” and “The Only Thing They Fear Is You.”

The “DOOM” soundtrack makes people feel like they are the main protagonist; The Doom Slayer. The best part of the soundtrack is that it becomes louder at the exact moment when you get a “glory kill.” A “glory kill” is a type of fatal blow where you destroy a demon in a brutal fashion.

Not only is the soundtrack for “DOOM” amazing, the gameplay is extremely unique, with an extremely fast paced first-person shooter. Not only does “DOOM” have rapid gameplay, it also has amazing cinematics and animation with all of the demons being hunched over and running fast.