A review of “UNO”

A timeless classic.



A deck of “UNO” cards while playing with two other people.

Maxwell Harris, Staff Writer

“UNO” is a card-based game that can be played with up to nine players. It was developed in 1971 by a man named Merle Robbins, but hadn’t become popular until 1992 when it was acquired by another company. 

In “UNO,” seven cards are passed out to each player, and the remaining deck after distribution is placed in the middle. One of the cards from the top of the deck is flipped over and placed next to the deck. After this setup, a random player will begin playing by placing down a card from their deck that is the same color or number as the card in the middle onto the card in the middle. Then, the next player in a clockwise direction will go next, doing the same thing. This pattern is continued with all players unless someone has special cards, which are explained really well by Ultra Boardgames.

The gameplay loop of “UNO” is relatively entertaining, and because of that the replayability of the game is very, very high. One could play this game for hours and not be bored because of how the game is based off of chance. Chance in games gives them replayability without adding many complications. Considering “UNO” is already simple to begin with, the chance added makes it really entertaining to play with friends.

While there are rules to “UNO,” everyone makes their own rules because of how simple the game is without them. Some “UNO” games come with custom special cards where you can write your own rules. This is a really good way to add customizability to a simple game, which adds a whole new layer into replayability and learning the game because if you get bored, you can literally change the rules of the game.

With these things being said, some “UNO” games can actually begin to be very complicated because of too many custom cards. Surprisingly, these games can last hours because of the addition of cards via the “+4” and “+2” cards. This is in the base game which is completely fine, but with additional custom rules, it can get a little ridiculous. For example, some people decide that the “0” card rotates all decks in the direction of flow which can make things interesting. Some also make the “7” card mean a player of choice will swap decks with you if you place the card. In turn, this also makes the game last longer.

The game can be played however you want, which is exactly why it is one of the most popular and liked games of all time. People have been playing this game for years, and it continues to be played to this day. With how much of a classic “UNO” is, I give the game a solid 9/10 because it is almost a perfect card game to play with friends. It is fun and has infinite replayability because you can make up your own rules and even buy different versions of the game to have new special cards, and spice things up.

The price of “UNO” can vary, but I have seen it being sold for as low as $5 – but you could probably get it for cheaper depending on who you buy it from. With a price like that, there is pretty much no reason not to buy the game or give it a try because of how much group entertainment you can get out of it. It is well worth $5 and you will definitely get more than five hours out of the game.

All in all, this game should not be missed out on considering how amazing it is and how cheap it is. It is an experience, and everyone should try it. There are so many situations in which you could play this game and it just burns through time which is nice for some people.