The ink demon returns

“Bendy and The Dark Revival” makes its debut.

First look at bendy as the Ink Demon.


First look at bendy as the Ink Demon.

Isaac Logsdon, Sports Editor

Indie horror games have slowly been becoming bigger ever since Markiplier played “Five Nights at Freddy’s” back in 2014. Ever since “Five Nights at Freddy’s” has been out, there have been a lot of new horror games, one being “Bendy and The Dark Revival” – the sequel to “Bendy and The Ink Machine.”

“Bendy and The Ink Machine” is about an animation studio in 1963 with paranormal experiences caused by the ink machine, summoning ink demons like Bendy and his friends. Unlike the first game, however, the recent installment introduces new ways to defend yourself.

While the first “Bendy” game only lets you fight with an ax, the sequel allows you to use powers to evade enemies or even evaporate them. While it is only two extra options, the game now has more difficult enemies you have to deal with.

Bendy, being the main boss, can summon “the lost ones,” who are hostile ink monsters that are the most common enemies to deal with. While they are common, they take quite a bit to take down without your abilities.

Unlike the old “Bendy and the Ink Machine,” “The Dark Revival” is not in parts and you can play the entire story in one sitting. The first “Bendy” had five chapters which came out on Oct. 26, 2018, meaning that the full game took over a year to make.

Most people are excited for “Bendy and The Dark Revival” due to the last game being a hit. While the first playthroughs of “The Dark Revival” look interesting, most people would want to stay because of the horror and the story of how the new protagonist, Audrey, gets past the Ink Demon.