“Faith in the Future (Deluxe)”

A review on Louis Tomlinson’s new and impressive album.


Wikimedia Commons

Louis Tomlinson performing for an energetic crowd during his world tour in 2022.

Zoey Bowers, Features Editor

On Nov. 11, former One Direction member-turned-solo English artist Louis Tomlinson excitedly released his second studio album. On the same release date, a deluxe version was also put out. 

“This album means everything to me, massive thank you to everyone involved…” Tomlinson said in an Instagram and Twitter post. 

The original album consists of 14 tracks, and with the deluxe version, two additional tracks were included throughout the album. 

Tomlinson then released a limited exclusive digital deluxe which included two more tracks on Nov. 14. However, the exclusive costs $5.99.

Similar to Tomlinson’s first album “Walls,” which released in 2020, “Faith in the Future” has a large variety of themes varying from love, heartbreak, nostalgia, and self-confidence. What’s convenient for listeners with Tomlinson’s music specifically is his strong voice expressing all sorts of emotions. 

The album begins with the track “The Greatest,” which sets an inspiring tone indicating that he and his significant other are essentially better than the rest when they’re together. The record completes with the blissful track “That’s the Way Love Goes” which comforts those who experience heartbreak.  

The album comes full circle in a sense, as it reflects on a reality that applies to a lot of people, whether it’s harsh or harmless for individuals. I enjoyed being able to view different perspectives of Tomlinson’s experiences on relationships and how he as a songwriter copes with situations. 

Within the album, Tomlinson tells meaningful stories and messages through well-written lyrics. The music is also extremely engrossing, as each track is different in their own unique way. 

Different genres of music are spread out in the record, which makes it exciting to listen to. There are tracks that are more edgy, like “Written All Over Your Face” and “Out Of My System,” which have rather moving beats. 

Many of the tracks were softer, such as “Lucky Again,” “Chicago,” and “Saturdays,” which happen to be my favorite tracks off the album. I especially loved them because musically, they just sound beautiful. Tomlinson’s voice fluctuates in such a delicate yet strong way which creates powerful music. 

There of course were tracks that resembled classic pop, such as “Headline” – another one of my favorites – “Silver Tongues,” and “She Is Beauty We Are World Class.” 

Some honorable mentions from the album I’d say are “Bigger Than Me,” “Angels Fly,” and “Holding On To Heartache.” These songs demonstrate some of his best vocalization in the album. Tomlinson has plenty of range which was showcased in many of the tracks, but especially these ones. 

I personally love albums where the artists compose raw and transparent emotions, and this album does just that. I don’t need to necessarily relate to lyrics to enjoy music, but hearing emotion in the artist’s vocals is really moving.

Music with creative and well-composed melodies and vocals are what I look for when finding music to listen to, which to me makes this album simply perfect to listen to. 

This album could also be an opportunity for previous or current One Direction fans looking for a glimpse of nostalgia whilst also listening to a completely new era.  

Tomlinson’s music really depicts his individuality since previously being in the boy band. It’s definitely apparent that he has his own style and continues to pursue the kind of music he enjoys producing. He has such a distinct voice that’s like no other ⎯ it’s easily recognizable. 

At the end of the day, this album has such a variety of music and range, and it excellently presents Tomlinson’s undeniable talent.