“Smile” comes to life

“Smile” producers bring the movie to life at MLB baseball games.

Smile is a physiological thriller that showcases the mental health of various characters.

Jeremy Bishop

“Smile” is a physiological thriller that showcases the mental health of various characters.

Alisi Tuatonga and Bella Bertoni

Parker Finn’s 2022 psychological horror debut movie, “Smile,” has its audiences aghast with the movie’s triggering plot, classic jumpscares, and nerve-wracking energy that keeps people on the edge of their seats. 

Not only does the movie scare its audiences in the theaters, but the producers of “Smile” decided to take it to the next level off the screen: they have strategically placed smiling actors in the stands of Major League Baseball games to promote the movie. 

Actors would wear shirts with the word “smile” and would creepily smile at cameras and baseball fans. 

Jomboy Media, a verified Twitter account, posted news regarding the actors, and their dedication to really getting the message across. 

“Blue shirt hasn’t moved in 40 minutes,” Jomboy Media said.

According to many Twitter posts and baseball fans, the “Smile” actors were spotted at not only one, but three, Major League Baseball games. 

Being more specific, Sports Illustrated further explained that the two fans that went to the Mets-Athletics, Cardinals-Dodgers, and the Red Sox-Yankees games did indeed have a purpose for acting so creepy. 

They were part of the promotion of the movie.

Noticed distinctively by others in the baseball crowds, the “Smile” actors achieved two things; great advertisement and pure creepiness that left some people spooked. 

A Twitter account that goes by Jayne happened to be seated right by the paid actor, and she confirmed that their job was done as frighteningly as it was successfully. 

She felt like she was in the movie herself.

“I’m really trying to relax at this ball game, but I feel like I’m an extra in a horror movie,” Jayne said. 

While MLB Twitter found the smiling comical, it doesn’t take away their eerie presence.

After the movie was released there were many mixed reviews. The psychological thriller scored 78% on Rotten Tomatoes, and received a 3.5 star rating.  

Louis Moore, a user on Rotten Tomatoes, compliments the new film. 

 “A satisfying genre film that’s well done and scary as hell,” Moore said. 

However, a huge props to the movie producers, as they did grasp attention, and leave the pitch with everyone smiling.