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Michael Myers from “Halloween.”

Original movie poster from the 1978 movie “Halloween”.


Original movie poster from the 1978 movie “Halloween”.

Autumn Castle, Staff Writer


Who was Michael Myers?

Michael Myers was a fictional character from the “Halloween” movies. He first appeared in the movie as a young boy who murdered his elder sister, Judith Myers. Years later, he returned to murder more people in his hometown. Michael Myers was someone who killed people without breaking a sweat. He never bothered to run and always ended up catching his victims, except for Laurie Strode.

Who was Laurie Strode?

Laurie Strode was a fictional character in the “Halloween” series. She made her first appearance on the original 1978 “Halloween” as a high school student who was stalked by Michael Myers on Halloween night, who also becomes the only person to outlive him. Laurie was known as the main protagonist of the movies, and later on revealed Michael as her older brother.

What were the original “Halloween” movies?

The original “Halloween” films consisted of seven movies. “Halloween” (1978), “Halloween II” (1981), “Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers” (1988), “Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers” (1989), “Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers” (1995), “Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later” (1998), and “Halloween: Resurrection (2002)”; with the first “Halloween” being the most popular out of all eight movies. The more the series of movies kept going on, the less quality the movies became and the less popular the movies got. With the most recent sequel to the film “Halloween” (2018), however, it regained its popularity.

How did “Halloween” regain its popularity?

When trailers for the 2018 “Halloween” movie were released, there was almost immediate excitement from people. Seeing that this movie was going to be different from the typical “Halloween” movies where people are stalked and killed, we got to see the original survivor from all movies, Laurie Strode, fight back and prepare to kill Michael. This movie did so well they made another movie called “Halloween Kills” (2021) which also did well enough to make the last and final movie “Halloween Ends” (2022).

What can we expect from “Halloween Ends”?

The last and final movie, “Halloween Ends” (2022) will most likely be just as popular as the last two. Fans are finally getting to see the end to the series and get the closure from it they have been waiting for. Although we have seen the downfall in the original movies, seeing the finale will strike curiosity on how it ends.