Introducing fall’s freshman class officers

Getting to know the freshman president and vice president who aspire to lead.


Suhani Patel

Suhani Patel tackles the role of Fall Term President with exciting ideas in store.

Calli Swensen, Staff Writer

Oakmont recently welcomed the class of 2026 this new school year, and this calls for the freshmen to step up in leadership roles. 

The freshmen have elected the President and Vice President for the fall term of the 2022-2023 school year. The officers of the freshman class are Suhani Patel as President, and Camryn Sanders as Vice President.

Having a class officer position provides numerous opportunities to express interest in areas of improvement and get involved while connecting with others.

“I am truly dedicated to representing the freshman class to the best of my abilities. I will work hard through things like communicating with my fellow peers on what we can improve, but also being open to new ideas, possibilities, and perspectives,”  Patel said.

Leading a class can require responsibility and the ability to collaborate, which Sanders takes head-on as Vice President, driven by past experience and excitement from having a leadership position.

“I enjoy being a leader and being in Student Gov. I have been in student gov during middle school and I carried the position of committee leader, so I have experience in that. I think that I [will] make a good leader also because I’m open minded to ideas and believe I’m a good listener,” Sanders said.

An aspect of leadership roles at Oakmont is that it is an outlet and a way to input suggestions to better the school.

“Although Oakmont has great school spirit, [as] president I [will] work on ways to get more people to attend games, shows, and other events to show our school spirit. I’m willing to go the extra mile to reach these goals, and learn along the way,” Patel said.

Sanders’ mindset is fueled by the want of an exciting school year and to offer inspiration that will lead to a rewarding freshman experience.

“As [an officer] I would like to make sure that everyone is encouraged and inspired to have a successful first year at Oakmont, and hopefully the entire 4 years. I would also like to make sure our first homecoming float building is fun, and well done! It would also be great to be able to give my insight on issues that freshmen might be experiencing!” Sanders said.

Patel recognizes what qualities contribute to being a suitable and successful leader for the freshman class.

“I believe that a leader needs to be able to both listen and communicate to be successful…,” Patel said. I will bring in a fresh perspective, with new ideas, and thinking that’s outside of the box.”

Being able to lead in a position can require commitment and many leadership skills that Sanders is willing to encompass. 

“…I am a good leader and I feel like I’m reliable for the position. I have good grades, I’m a good listener and I enjoy being in student government. Not just that but I’m also easy to get along with and would be easy to communicate with,” Sanders said.

Both Sanders and Patel are enthusiastic and willing to make an effort to improve the school, while contributing and creating a fun experience for the freshman class.

Fall Term Vice President, Camryn Sanders, is committed to creating a fun experience for the freshman class. (Camryn Sanders)