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Character select screen featured in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Isaac Logsdon

Character select screen featured in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Isaac Logsdon, Sports Editor

Oakmont has started opening up their sports like football, cross country, and even an esports team.


Esports was founded at Oakmont in 2018 where people get to play video games in a competitive manner.  In esports, four teams are available. One such team, Ragnarok, plays “Rocket League” – a game in which soccer is played by race cars.


Berserker is about playing “League of Legends’.’ League of Legends is a strategic defensive game where ten players are split into two teams and defend their towers.


Drakkar is a team where people play “Super Smash Bros.” Super Smash Bros is a game where you fight as other gaming characters and knock them off the stage. There are over 80 playable characters that all have different playstyles.


Lastly, there is Fenrir, which plays “Overwatch.”  Overwatch is a first-person shooter where you have to fight to take control of the objective.


While there are over twenty players on the team, our esports team is still going to be short-handed considering not everyone wants to play all of the games our esports team have to offer like “Overwatch” or “Rocket League.” 


People can join by emailing the coach, Mr. Wurden, and then they get to pick which game they want to play competitively for.


In esports, we go over how to stream, manage, and even commentate on streams. Esports can prepare others if they’re planning to stream or planning to make Youtube videos. Even though our selection of games is limited, the esports teams can schedule their off-campus practices and get to socialize with other team members.