Update on Kiely Rodni

Recent news involving missing Truckee teen


Naomi Mitten-Voget, Staff Writer

In Truckee, California there was a six-teen  year old girl named Kiely Rodni who had gone missing.


She went missing around Aug. 6th after a party. Many people in the Truckee area had been on the hunt to find her. 


There were many tactics her parents had tried in order to motivate people to help them search, including a money reward that would increase the longer she was lost. 


Her family had hired an underwater search and recovery dive team to look in the water areas that Rodni had been around before she went missing. 


On Aug. 21st, the dive team found Rodni’s car. Unfortunately, Rodni’s car was found deep inside Prosser Lake with her still inside her vehicle. 


Aug. 23rd was the date the body’s identity was confirmed to be Kiely Rodni. Many condolences have been made to her family.