Continuation of “The Owl House” Season Two

The animated Disney show returns to air the rest of its second season

Dana Terrace excited fans with her tweet in February that announced the exact date for the return of “The Owl House.”

Dana Terrace

Dana Terrace excited fans with her tweet in February that announced the exact date for the return of “The Owl House.”

Leon Magbanua, Staff Writer

Dana Terrace and the production crew working on “The Owl House” aired the first episode of the second part of the show’s second season on March 19, bringing fans the resumption of the series after its eight-month hiatus.

The series revolves around a teenage girl, Luz Noceda, who stumbles from the human world into a world with witches and magical creatures, aiming to enjoy her time there but also find a way home. She is taken under the wing of witch criminal Eda the Owl Lady and her demon associate King inside their home of the Owl House. The story features a cast of great antagonists and side characters in a beautifully sculpted setting that emphasizes a dark yet magical atmosphere.

Leaks and teases from Terrace over Twitter and live streams had helped relieve some of the stress from awaiting fans, similar to the hiatus following the end of the first season. The hiatus saw fundraiser live streams and giveaways, AMAs, and tweets in which she and her team answered fans’ questions regarding the show, its production, and plans for the future.

Additionally, content creator Rebecca Rose, known for her videos on “The Owl House” and involvement with the community, was hired as a production associate for the show. She announced this in a community post on her YouTube channel three months back, and her contribution to production only strengthened fans’ anticipation for a second season that promises new characters, elements in the world-building, and captivating plot lines that will further develop the already interesting story.

Downtime from the hiatus left time for fans to theorize the direction the show would be going, fueled by the leaked information from the production team and promotional content. These vary from the main villain’s true intent for the magical world of the Boiling Isles to speculation on the origins of side characters like ferocious demon King and the Owl House’s sentient owl, Hooty. All this and more fans hope will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

“The Owl House” is renowned for the creative elements and its representation, however, there exists a bitterness from both fans and production alike, with Disney’s hand forcing the show short, permitting only a third and final season consisting of three lengthy specials. Attempts have been made over social media and through messaging to argue the series to last longer, but Terrace had accepted Disney’s terms despite the optimism from the fandom. The hope still stands, as she claimed to move on to other projects following the series’ end, as well as merchandise for the show still being sold.

Despite the hiatus and unfortunate news of the show’s future, “The Owl House” is continuing to be met with enthusiasm from the fandom, further supported with the release of another animated show, “Amphibia,” which arrived to finish up its third and final season. The two shows are known to have a fanbase overlap, and only brought an ecstatic audience that was looking forward to the exciting animated entertainment this season.

As of March 30, two episodes have premiered in the show’s second half of the season, airing 12 of the 21 episodes scheduled. With the creativity and dedication of the minds behind its production, fans of “The Owl House” can only expect a compelling season filled with entertaining adventures from its characters.